Deion Sanders discloses powerful message he imparted to WR Jimmy Horn Jr. to unlock his real potential

The Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders emerged as a savior for the Colorado Buffaloes who were having the gloominess of going 1-11 last season along with a poor streak of 24 consecutive losses. Just after leading the team in three matches after getting appointed as a head coach in December last year, he has seemingly established his coaching legacy in collegiate football.

Besides his on-field success as a coach, Sanders, the devoted lover of colorful sunglasses, is renowned for being a father-like coach to his pupils. Such behavior from Deion Sanders has served as a driving force behind the outstanding performance of Jimmy Horn Jr. on their way to a 43-35 win against the Colorado State Rams.

Deion Sanders advised Jimmy Horn Jr.

In the Buffaloes’ last match against the Rams, Jimmy had a shaky start as he dropped a crucial pass for the Buffaloes. However, Deion didn’t let the wide receiver lose hope midway and reached out to him to boost his morale.

Jimmy Horn’s father is currently incarcerated and couldn’t appear on the field to watch his son. Coach Prime hugged his pupil and told him to play for his father to make him feel proud.

“He’s watching you right now. He wants to clap in front of all his different inmates because he believes in his son. We gonna make papa proud tonight. That’s what we gonna do, because his son is a dawg.”

Fortunately, the veteran’s energetic words successfully energized the footballer, and he bounced back stronger to ensure Colorado’s three consecutive wins this season.

Jimmy started his career at Seminole High School where he had an intention to join Deion. However, the Florida native later committed to South Florida Bulls for two years and played 23 games there before joining Coach Prime in Colorado after the 2022 season.

Jimmy Horn Jr.’s exceptional performance for Colorado

Deion’s team was leading in their Rocky Mountain Showdown following a whopping 80-yard pick-six by his son and the Buffaloes’ quarterback Shilo Sanders. However, the Rams Ron Hardge III managed to take a lead 14-7 for his team by leveraging a fumble from his opposition.

In that crucial moment, Jimmy made a huge blunder by dropping a pass for the Buffaloes. Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier, Coach Prime energized him in a few seconds, and the WR returned on the field to pair up with Shilo to ensure the game-changing 45-yard touchdown pass to head the match into overtime.

The young also showcased his caliber in the Buffaloes’ first match against TCU by recording 11 passes for 117 yards and a touchdown. The 21-year-old marked his team as ‘America’s Team’ after their impressive win in the match. Though Horn’s team is having uncertainty regarding Travis Hunter, their coach alongside his promising students is on the way to creating a new era in college football.

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