Dominik Mysterio ties the knot with childhood sweetheart Marie Juliette

Dominik Mysterio, rising as a heel wrestler since joining ‘The Judgment Day’ in WWE, has gained recognition for his on-screen chemistry with ‘The Nightmare’ Rhea Ripley within the faction. While their relationship within the ring is noteworthy, the details of their personal lives are quite distinct.

Outside of WWE, both Rhea and Dom have real-life partners. Rhea Ripley is engaged to former WWE talent Buddy Matthews, and recently, Dominik Mysterio surprised his fans by announcing that he has tied the knot with his childhood sweetheart, Marie Juliette.

Dominik Mysterio gets married with Juliette Marie

Dominik Mysterio officially became a WWE star after he joined the company back in 2019 and made his debut match against World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins in 2020 at Summerslam. The future WWE superstar recently got married to his girlfriend Juliette Marie. The couple first met at a Spanish class in high school, and from there they started dating.

The pair first met when they were only 14 years old, and after 12 years, they eventually decided to formalize their relationship. In January 2023, Dom proposed to his girlfriend and later got engaged in the same year. After his engagement, he shared what Rhea feels about his fiance.

“How does Rhea feel about it? I think hopefully she’s okay with it. Like I said, Mami is gonna do what Mami wants. If there’s a problem, I’m definitely gonna hear about it. But I think overall she’s cool with it,” Dom said.

A lot of WWE superstars were in attendance at the wedding. Two of his faction members also joined Dom’s wedding, and among them, his romantic interest in WWE TV Rhea Ripley, joined the occasion alongside Damian Priest. Some other noteworthy names include Austin Theory, who is a good friend of the youngster.

Watch: Dominik Mysterio is booed even at his wedding

Dominik is a great wrestler and will surely carry his father’s legacy in the future. However, since he turned heel and attacked Rey Mysterio for his faction, fans have taken it upon themselves to humble the wrestle. There is a trend to Dom’s promos: whenever he takes a mic to address the audience, he gets booed by the fans. Some wrestlers like Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens have, several times, made fun of Dom due to this reaction from fans.

During Dominik’s wedding, he took the mic to address the guests in attendance, including his friends and family. In a WWE-inspired moment, his friends and family playfully joined in the trend of booing him while he delivered his speech. Although it was all in good humor, fans thoroughly enjoyed the hilarious interaction between Dom and his family.

Dirty Dom is scheduled to appear in WrestleMania 40 alongside his faction members. With Rhea Ripley in a feud with ‘The Man’ Becky Lynch, some fans have speculated that Dom will likely interfere in their match. Other fans have speculated that Damian Priest will likely Cash-In his MITB contract on the April event, and the Judgement Day will play a big part in their faction members’ victories.

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