Drew McIntyre beefs with Wayne Rooney at WWE Live event

Drew McIntyre reinvented himself in his current heel run. His mean streak on the mic continued during WWE’s UK tour as well, when he eyed an England icon in the crowd.

On Friday, WWE hosted a live event at the O2 Arena in London. One of the famed attendees was Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney. Spotting him in the front row, Drew McIntyre made sure to maintain his menacing persona on the mic as he took a verbal shot at the 38-year-old retired soccer player.

Drew McIntyre spotted Rooney in the front row and said, “Speaking of British legends, is that Wayne Rooney?” The crowd erupted in a “Rooney, Rooney, Rooney” chant before the Scotsman added, “One British legend to another, you were a freaking man in your day. We’re the same age, what happened to you?”

Rooney, who was accompanied by two of his kids, seemed to find the funny side of the playful banter of the Wrestler from Ayr. Back in 2015, that wasn’t the case when the 5-time English Premier League champion slapped Wade Barrett during an episode of Monday Night RAW.

Nothing of that sort was repeated during the show and McIntyre went on to have his match against Jey Uso. Drew ended up on the losing side against “Main Event” Jey as reports have indicated that the “Scottish Psychopath” is not at 100%.

Drew McIntyre reportedly working through injury

Drew McIntyre lost the Heavyweight title to Damian Priest at WrestleMania 40 after a beatdown by CM Punk, which was the culmination of their months-long bickering. According to PWInsider, the former World Champion suffered an injury during WM 40 night 2 by hyperextending his elbow. As of now, it is not clear if he will be missing WWE programming to heal.

The injury could give WWE and McIntyre some time to figure out their contract impasse as his current deal is set to expire in a few weeks. Surely, WWE won’t miss the opportunity to finish the rivalry between “DM Hunk” and CM Punk.


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