Drew McIntyre in shock after Randy Orton and Jey Uso end their feud: “F*cking kidding me”

As a result of Jey Uso’s history with The Bloodline, his ties with Sami Zayn and Cody Rhodes were strained. However, they ultimately decided to make peace and give him another opportunity. Recent events have shown that Randy Orton, too, has forgiven Uso. However, Drew McIntyre, refuses to forgive due to the injustice he has received from The Bloodline in the past.

After finding that Randy Orton pardoned Jey without incurring any penalties, McIntyre expressed disbelief and outrage, further heightening the personal enmity between him and Uso. After becoming frustrated with the situation, Drew resorted to social media to express his feelings.

Drew McIntyre stunned by Randy Orton and Jey Uso interaction

Randy Orton’s comeback at Survivor Series: WarGames garnered significant attention. Orton had been sidelined for approximately a year following a severe injury sustained in May 2022 during an assault by The Bloodline, which included Jey Uso, on him and his associates. Survivor Series 2023 saw Orton’s successful comeback, as he helped Cody Rhodes’s team beat Judgment Day.

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Orton made it clear on the most recent edition of Monday Night RAW that he plans to eliminate every single member of The Bloodline. Fans wanted to know, given their past, if Orton had forgiven Jey Uso. After Orton spoke to the audience, it was clear that Jey Uso and The Bloodline were still on his mind. Uso begged Orton for forgiveness and a new beginning in an interview that took place behind the scenes.

Despite Orton’s apparent forgiveness, Drew McIntyre—who had his own past with The Bloodline—expressed his unhappiness. McIntyre was astounded that Orton had pardoned Uso considering the serious harm that Uso had done to Orton before. When McIntyre was still fuming about the backstage incident, he took to social media to vent his fury.

Randy Orton’s four-word message ahead of WWE SmackDown

WWE has officially announced that former multi-time world champion Randy Orton will be appearing on the next SmackDown program. The news comes after PW Insider reported it.

Also a tweet from WWE guarantees viewers that “Daddy’s back again THIS FRIDAY on SmackDown. “The crowd can look forward to further appearances by The Viper, including his 18-month hiatus when Orton returns to WWE in the first week of December for “WWE SmackDown.”

Randy Orton
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In a Twitter post preceding his return to Friday Night Show, Randy Orton shared his excitement, expressing that he is feeling better than ever after overcoming his injuries. Numerous WWE fans are eagerly anticipating Orton’s comeback, especially since he promised in a retweet that it would surpass his previous performances. 

In next week’s SmackDown, how pumped are you to see the Viper? Share your opinion in the comments. 

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