Drew McIntyre responds in two words to former WWE champion after violent attack on Raw

WWE Drew McIntyre has been in the pro wrestling industry for a long time and his in-ring persona has always been represented as a dominant one. However, his recent action from last week’s match with Jey Uso has shattered his charismatic image in front of the audience as he ran away from the ring as the Judgement Day faction arrived.

On this week’s Raw, The Miz questioned him about that situation and got beaten by the Scottish wrestler. Drew has now sent a warning to Miz through his X account.

Drew McIntyre sends a stern warning to The Miz

Drew McIntyre was quite angry at The Miz on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw. He was the guest on The Miz TV segment which The Miz himself hosts. During the segment, the host was trying to embarrass the guest for the actions he had done in the previous week.

The Miz was poking the Scottish wrestler with the fact that he was running away from Judgement Day while Jey Uso was getting beaten. Miz also trolled Drew about losing his title and title shots. After having enough interruptions while speaking, Drew then headbutted the A-lister.

Reacting to that segment, Drew uploaded a picture on Twitter/X with the following caption: “Shut up Miz.”

The Scottish wrestler is quite irritated at Miz for his continuous talking on the segment. Now the time will tell whether it will escalate into a new rivalry or not.

Drew McIntyre attacks The Miz

On the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, former Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre was the special guest at The Miz TV segment. The segment was a very intense one considering the hype of the last few Miz TV segments.

At the beginning of the segment, The Miz introduces Drew McIntyre and asks him some questions about his last week’s match with Jey Uso. He specifically highlighted the question of why Drew left Jey Uso to get assaulted by the members of Judgment Day. Miz further salted the wound for McIntyre by making him remember the time of his title loss. The A-lister then said with a smirk on his face that he would have also run like Drew if he were in a picky situation like last week.

While Miz called Drew the Batman of WWE, The New Day arrived on the scene and stated that the McIntyre they knew was not a coward. They even said that Drew McIntyre should have saved Jey from Judgement Day instead of walking away. While Drew was speaking, he was interrupted by Miz a few times and got irritated. McIntyre warned Miz a few times and finally hit him with a blow in the head. After that, he challenged Kofi Kingston of The New Day.

Do you think The Miz will take revenge on Drew? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comment section below!

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