Dwayne Johnson surprises grieving parents with $50,000 gesture for foundation named after cancer victim daughter

Dwayne Johnson also known as The Rock, is a global celebrity who mainly started his career as a wrestler. Johnson used to wrestle for the former WWE chairman Vince McMahon in the 2000s and after that he got a movie role as an antagonist, which quickly transitioned him into a famous Hollywood star.

A short while ago, ‘The Rock’ surprised grieving parents, who lost their child due to cancer, by donating $50,000 to their cancer foundation as a gesture of goodwill. Fans were shocked by Rock’s action and some even shared this heartwarming moment on social media.

Dwayne Johnson donates big to foundation

Dwayne Johnson is known for his kind acts and has been a member of different cancer foundations throughout his career. Recently, ‘The People’s Champion’ surprised the fans after he donated $50,000 to grieving parents, who opened a cancer foundation in their daughter’s name after they lost her to the said disease.

The Rock posted the story on Twitter recently, captioning, “Esperanza and Edwin will always have their beautiful little angel, Lily Rose in their hearts forever. I don’t know why unspeakable heartbreak like this happens and as a father, it makes me sad. But also makes me remember that we only get one shot at life – and we gotta be there for each other when we’re down, lift each other up, and help each other see the light. Block out negativity and noise and always lead with humanity.”

He further added, “Esperanza and Edwin, blessed me with these stories of Lily Rose. Lily-Rose saying, “Daddy you’re my Maui” is just beautiful. As a daddy, it’s hard for me to say words here, so I’ll just say it’s beautiful. I’m honored to meet this incredible couple, also known as Lily’s mommy and daddy. Stay strong – and with boundless respect, love, light & mana.”

Dwayne Johnson’s philanthropic acts

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is a world-famous star, and with that position comes a responsibility towards the people who truly need help. Since Rock’s rise as a mega Hollywood star, he used his money in different charitable acts. He founded ‘The Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation,’ which aims to help children with medical disabilities, disorders, and illnesses.

In 2023, the Hawaii wildfire left many people facing hardships, with some becoming homeless and others losing their jobs. Upon learning of this, The Rock took action and established the ‘Peoples Fund of Maui’ to aid the affected individuals. He initiated the fund by donating $5 million, and subsequently, more people joined in contributing. It is speculated that, thanks to Dwayne, the Hawaii Community Foundation received $177 million to support its people.

In 2017, Texas faced one of the deadliest hurricanes in its history. Upon learning of this, Dwayne Johnson donated $25,000 to the American Red Cross for disaster relief. Fans were surprised by this generous decision, and it inspired more individuals to join in and expedite the recovery efforts for the affected people.

In 2022, another noteworthy project initiated by ‘The Brahma Bull’ was ‘Project Rock’. As a wealthy superstar, Rock consistently channels his funds towards philanthropic endeavors. This fundraiser specifically targets individuals from military families, with a primary focus on providing children in these families with improved opportunities in life.

The caption of the 2022 post read, “Our @ProjectRock is proud to support @military_family & their Operation Purple Camp, providing kids from military families with the opportunity to connect with each other at a weeklong camp. Thank you to all our veterans and their families for their service. Forever proud.”

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