Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson reunites with WWE legend John Cena on SmackDown after their deep-rooted 2011 rivalry

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, made an unexpected yet electrifying return to WWE on the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown. The People’s Champ didn’t just make a cameo, he left his mark on the show with his appearance.

However, the moment that melted the hearts of fans was the backstage segment between him and his arch-rival John Cena. Surprisingly, the segment did not have any fights; instead, it was a beautiful segment where Cena welcomed Rock on his return to the WWE Universe.

WWE icons The Rock and John Cena reunite with an embrace on SmackDown

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, made a surprise return to WWE on the latest episode of SmackDown during a segment between Pat McAfee and Austin Theory. While Theory and Pat were arguing inside the ring, the iconic “If You Smell” theme song played in the speakers, and Dwayne entered the arena. After exchanging words with Austin Theory in the ring, The Rock executed the Spinebuster move, which led Theory to fall flat inside the ring.

The People’s Champ and Pat McAfee then went backstage to exchange words, and WWE superstar John Cena was noticed by Pat in the backstage. McAffee then gestured behind Rock after seeing Cena.

Rock and Cena then stared down at each other for a few moments until John Cena broke the focus and smiled. The Rock said to Cena, “I see you trying to smile.” This cooled down the atmosphere around them. John Cena then shook hands with him and replied, “I am smiling, welcome home.” Both superstars then shared a hug. The Rock said with a happy face, “Thank you, it’s good to be here,” after that Cena left.

Watch: WWE fan’s reaction to moments before The Rock return to SmackDown

The Brahma Bull’s homecoming to WWE was met with a massive ovation from fans present in the arena. He was seen inside the ring for a segment involving Austin Theory and Pat McAfee.

As The Rock was returning to WWE after so many years it was expected that the fans would go crazy after seeing him. However, to get fans crazy his appearance was not needed as the fans were chanting his name even after just hearing his theme song.

Wrestle Ops has recently shared a backstage video on X(formerly known as Twitter) of The People’s Champ. The clip was recorded just moments before Rock’s entrance to the arena and as his theme was played before he was entering the arena the fans started chanting his name with excitement. Reacting to this, the Rock slightly smiled and entered the arena.

Here is the full clip:

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