Everton hit with two more points for further Premier League PSR breach

The Premier League’s crackdown on clubs not following the league’s financial rules in ongoing. Already, clubs like Everton and Nottingham Forest have been punished. Furthermore, Leicester City could also be on their way to a similar fate, while Chelsea, Manchester City are under investigation.

Everton had successfully managed to appeal their previous 10 points deduction, but it seems that it was only a momentary respite. That is because the Toffees have once again been given another points deduction.

Everton’s financial violations cost them two points

Everton have been given another 2 points deduction after again being found guilty of breaking the Premier League’s Profitability and Sustainability Rules (PSR). It is their second points deduction this season, previously being given a 10 points deduction. That same points deduction was reduced to 6 points after a successful appeal process.

The Toffees have been found guilty of breaching the rules, which state a club can only lose up to £105 million over the span of three years. They recorded losses that exceeded the threshold by £16.6 million between 2020 and 2023. Compared to the previous deduction, this one was quite low.

Previously, they were found to have overspent £19.5 million more in the 2018–22 fiscal period. Four years were counted instead of three due to the Covid epidemic in 2020. That had resulted in a record 10-point ban.

The club has already said that they will be appealing again, with the argument that they have already been punished earlier this season. Furthermore, they have pointed out that inflation in wages and transfer fees in recent times have not been accounted by the soccer authorities. It remains to be seen whether the appeal would be successful.

Everton’s Premier League standings with latest deduction

The latest points deduction is in no way good news for the club, which are already battling relegation this season. Everton have never been relegated from the Premier League, but this season could be their first.

The Toffees are currently in 16th place after the points deduction. They have only 27 points, just two points over 17th and 18th-placed Nottingham Forest and Luton Town. Having played 31 games compared to their 32 games played, they still have a game in hand as their advantage.

However, they will have a tough period in the run up to the conclusion of the season. They will face big teams like Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal, while also facing relegation deciding matches against Luton Town and Nottingham Forest as well. The fate of Everton depends on their results in these games.

Everton will next face Chelsea on April 16th in the Premier League, and the game will be very cautiously approached by the relegation contenders.

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