Ex-WWE Diva Melina blasted Stone Cold Steve Austin for ridiculing her match: “Yeah, I got offended”

When WWE decided to revive its “Tough Enough” reality television format in 2011, the results were far from spectacular. Out of the 14 cast members who took part, very few ever made much impression on the world of professional wrestling after the show concluded. Stone Cold Steve Austin was roped in to be the host of that season.

Amidst much that was instantly forgettable, there was a truly hilarious moment involving Austin and contestant Ariane Andrew. Andrew found herself at risk of elimination, with Steve Austin openly questioning her passion and judgment for the wrestling business.

Melina blasted Stone Cold for his reaction on reality TV

In 2018, Former WWE female superstar Melina was interviewed by the Ring The Belle YouTube channel. During her appearance, she opened up about how she was offended when WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin scoffed at Cameron, then ‘Tough Enough’ contestant.

During an episode, Cameron told Austin that her favorite match was a Melina vs Alicia Fox duel from an episode of SmackDown. Steve Austin mocked Cameron’s pick of her match with Alicia Fox as her favorite during Tough Enough. To this incident from 2011, Melina responded 7 years later.

“I’ve got issues with this stuff. I don’t understand how this is funny at all. She had her favorite pick and I am sorry if people disagree with it. He asked her what her favorite match was, not what his favorite match was. He’s going to ridicule her for what her favorite match was? I don’t care what your favorite match was.” She added, “If it’s something you love, that’s all that matters.”- said Melina.

Stone Cold hosted the infamous season of WWE Tough Enough

Six seasons of the WWE Tough Enough reality competition aired between 2001 and 2015. Tough Enough revolves around up-and-coming wrestlers competing in a series of challenges as they attempt to earn a WWE contract. Several big wrestling superstars had successful careers after appearing on the show, including Chelsea Green, John Morrison, Mandy Rose, The Miz, and Sonya Deville.

Tough Enough returned in a revamped format with Steve Austin as the host rather than Al Snow. The show traded in its real-world presentation for that of a typical, contemporary reality show. This was a season held back by a comparative lack of interesting contestants. Cameron, known then as Ariane Andrew, was eliminated first when her passion and knowledge of the business were called into question. Cameron learned that Melina vs. Alicia Fox is not the appropriate response to Stone Cold asking, “What’s your favorite match?”

The star power of Stone Cold, along with Bill DeMott, Trish Stratus, and Booker T, outshined that of the previous season’s trainers. As funny as he was, Austin was not as engrossing as the head trainer as Snow was before him. Snow got more attached to the kids and pulled back his aggression when needed, but Austin seemed to be all angry all the time. Perhaps that makes for a better trainer, but it doesn’t make for a better TV host. Snow came off as more likable despite how hard he rode the contestants at times.

However, The challenges also felt more pointless and less fun than some of the stuff seen in previous episodes. Andy Leavine was the show’s least impressive winner. He seemed to constantly be battling himself internally, trying to force his way out of his shell.

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