Finn Balor contract update: insider provides concerning report regarding the Judgment Day member

Finn Balor is undoubtedly one of the best wrestlers in the Wrestling industry at the moment. Balor is the leader of the Judgment Day, a faction that has been dominating the RAW brand for the past year.

Balor also made him as the most wanted superstar of WWE by winning the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship from the Usos. Recently, the information about Balor’s contract in WWE has been circulating in the social medias and that doesn’t appear to be favourable for the WWE fans.

Finn Balor contract situation

Finn Balor has been with the company for almost 10 years. Balor signed with WWE in 2014, under the NXT brand. According to Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc, the contract of Finn Balor is expected to expire after WrestleMania 40. He also confirmed that, Balor has not been approached by WWE to renew his contract, which is unusual for a top star like him.

Balor, a top star in WWE, has won WWE Championships on numerous occasions since his debut. He is a former NXT Champion and Intercontinental Champion and also the first-ever Universal Champion in WWE, defeating Seth Rollins on his debut to the RAW roster.

Balor has not commented publicly on his contract situation, but has hinted at his interest in returning to NJPW in the past. Balor has a history with NJPW, as he was the founder and leader of the Bullet Club. This has sparked speculation among fans and media that Balor may consider leaving WWE and joining another promotion, such as AEW or NJPW.

Finn Balor announced for huge title match next week on WWE RAW

On today’s Monday Night RAW, the senor Money in the Bank winner, Damien Priest went against Drew McIntyre in the main event of the show. With the distraction from the unofficial member of Judgement Day, R-Truth, McIntyre won the match by hitting a claymore to Priest.

After the match, WWE officially announced a tag team match between Finn Bálor & Damian Priest v DIY for the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship for next week’s RAW episode. The DIY was the dominant faction in the NXT, with the duo of Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano.

The team has been out of action since Ciampa was out from WWE. The duo reunited at the Day 1 of Monday Night RAW episode. After DIY returned to RAW, they declared their intention to take down The Judgment Day. They have been picking off The Judgment Day members one by one, defeating Mysterio and McDonagh in a tag team match on the January 15 episode of RAW.

On the other hand, Finn and Priest, who have been holding the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship since October 2023 when they defeated The New Day at Hell in a Cell, seem to have WWE’s continued support. However, the match with DIY may serve as a warning to The Judgment Day that they should never cross paths with DIY.


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