Following taunts from Chelsea Green, Raquel Rodriguez turns her ire at WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion

Despite being built up as the one to finally dethrone Rhea Ripley, Raquel Rodriguez came up short at Payback this past Saturday. On this week’s RAW, however, she scored a victory over one-half of the Women’s Tag Team Champions.

At Payback this past Saturday, Raquel Rodriguez took on Rhea Ripley for the Women’s World Championship. The two women have been feuding for some time, with Ripley even injuring Rodriguez and costing her the Women’s Tag Team Championship at some point. Rodriguez fought back, even getting the upper hand on The Enforcer of Judgment Day a few times. However, in their match at Payback, Dominik Mysterio helped Ripley secure the victory over Rodriguez.

Chelsea Green’s remarks were too much for Raquel Rodriguez to handle

Following her defeat at Payback, Raquel Rodriguez was seen having a conversation with official Adam Pearce backstage at Monday Night RAW this week. She was frustrated after her controversial loss to Rhea Ripley and wanted to have a rematch for the Women’s World Championship.

Chelsea Green then appeared and complained to Adam Pearce about waiting in line. She then proceeded to mock Rodriguez about her loss at Payback. However, the latter heard this, and the match between them was made official later that night. It looked like Raquel Rodriguez took Green’s remarks personally.

Later on in the match between Chelsea Green and Raquel Rodriguez, Green was hesitant about entering the ring. When she finally got inside the ring, Rodriguez wasted no time in going after the Women’s Tag Team Champion. Green even tried to escape from her opponent multiple times, but was caught by Rodriguez. She then went on to put Green in a waistlock.

After that, Rodriguez purely ‘womanhandled’ Green for the rest of the match, showing her impressive strength and slamming her into the mat.

Fortunately for Chelsea Green, the match was short, as Rodriguez put her away quickly with a one-armed powerbomb. This was actually Green’s first defeat on RAW in well over a month. It was just a squash match where Rodriguez took out her anger on the Women’s Tag Team Champion.

Fan criticizes Raquel Rodriguez with “boring” remark

It’s safe to say that Raquel Rodriguez is one of the most prominent performers in WWE’s Women’s Division. and has had some high-profile matches and success as one-half of the Women’s Tag Team Champions. However, it looks like some fans aren’t impressed by her in-ring capabilities.

Raquel Rodriguez is one of the most dominant female wrestlers in WWE, even overpowering the Women’s World Champion, Rhea Ripley, at Payback this Saturday. She was, in fact, the only woman who nearly put an end to Ripley’s dominant title reign. However, some fans are criticizing Rodriguez, labeling her ‘boring’. It was directed to her lack of charisma, which a few fans pointed out. Despite these remarks, the majority of the fans support Rodriguez.

Raquel Rodriguez is set to have a rematch with Rhea Ripley at some point. Stay tuned to get further updates on WWE.


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