Giants TE Darren Waller’s announcement on new album outraged NFL fans: “Dude is garbage”

Over the years, many NFL athletes have started exploring different sides of their personalities. While some have stuck to exploring other interests after their playing career, some people, like the Giants’ Darren Waller, have gone down the path of doing everything at once.

A career in music isn’t all that bad, but if you are part of an NFL franchise as your primary profession, then you have got to produce out on the pitch as well, something that might not be the case for Waller, hence the backlash. Let’s find out more about the same.

Darren Waller shares update on new album

The New York Giants haven’t had the best of seasons this year. Having faltered at crucial junctures, the team has never been able to string together a run of good form throughout the regular season.

A part of their inability to hit the ground running was also because of their dearth of fit players. For the entire season, there were a few players on their roster who were regularly sidelined due to small niggles. Among them was Tight End Darren Waller, who has now announced that he will be releasing an album of his own this year and plans to release a single in February.

Despite being the outfit’s starting TE, Darren Waller’s season was cut short when he sustained a hamstring injury during Week 8. According to Marca, since then he has devoted time to other interests, with music being at the forefront.

NFL fans furious with Darren Waller’s announcement

While Waller is pretty excited about the latest developments in his rap career, this piece of information hasn’t gone down too well with the Giants faithful, who have taken to social media to voice their displeasure.

One comment read, “I’d like for him to announce that he’s gonna play all 17 regular season games,” while others directly attacked his skill at rapping. “Dude is garbage on the mic,” read another comment.

Some others were still appreciative of his song but made it clear that he should focus more on being fit to feature for the New York Giants come next season. “He a got a nice voice for rap buttttttttttt stick to playing football fr,” said one user on X (formerly Twitter).

What are your thoughts on Darren Waller delving into music during his free time? Let us know down in the comments below.


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