Lewis Hamilton’s F1 Holiday Extravaganza: Joins $240M worth Pharrell Williams at Paris Dior Men’s Show

In addition to his exceptional skills on the racing circuit, Lewis Hamilton is renowned for his impeccable fashion sense. The British driver consistently embraces the latest fashion trends, and his daring outfits frequently steal the spotlight, sparking conversations far and wide.

Most recently, Hamilton drew attention as he attended the prestigious Paris Dior’s Men show alongside American popstar Pharrell Williams.

Lewis Hamilton spotted at Paris Dior Men’s Show with Pharrell Williams

Lewis Hamilton is widely known for his multiple business endeavours, apart from the Formula One sport. Apart from his professional endeavours, he is also recognised for having a striking fashionable sense, often becomes the talk of the town.

Recently, the British driver attended the well-known Dior Men’s Show that was held in Paris for 2024–2025. As usual, his attire was exceptionally eye-catching, with him draping himself into a long brown coat, which complimented his brown tank top underneath, along with a pair of dark-shade sunglasses. During his photo session on the red carpet, the atmosphere lit up due to his exceptionally well-maintained attire, besides being a full-time top-tier driver.

At the event, the seven-time World Champion was also seen with American popstar Pharell Williams. Williams is a songwriter and producer with a net worth of a staggering $240 million. Upon introducing himself to Hamilton, the duo was seen engaging in a long but amusing conversation with each other, both of them looking fashionably well off.

When is Lewis Hamilton going to start his F1 2024 season?

With the new updates to the car, the audience has been eagerly anticipating the upcoming season of Formula One. Many drivers, such as Lewis, have been suggesting his major comeback with his brand new vehicle, which is yet to be witnessed by the F1 enthusiasts.

The racing season will start at the Bahrain Grand Prix on March 2, to maintain the tradition of the Middle Eastern venue hosting the season opener since 2021. The schedule has been packed with many exciting events for the industry, along with China and Imola making a comeback this year.

Lastly, six sprint events are scheduled for this year, which are originally set to take place in China, Miami, Australia, the United States, Brazil, and Qatar. On the other side, the US is urging the FIA officials to permit them to host an additional event and make adjustments to the calendar. A pledge that most of the F1 fans would disagree with.

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