Hardy Boyz could make a WWE return with Matt Hardy’s free-agent status, under one condition

Matt Hardy is looking into his alternatives after the expiration of his contract with AEW, and WWE is one of them. There is talk that the Hardy Boyz might get back together in WWE,  especially since Triple H has significant creative control right now. WWE veterans believe that Triple H would prefer to bring back the iconic duo rather than just one Hardy.

Matt Hardy broke some major news on this week’s episode of his podcast, The Extreme Life. It was reported that his contract with AEW has expired, allowing him to pursue other chances as a free agent. A new contract was offered to Matt by AEW, but he chose not to re-sign with them. Now he’s keeping his options open by talking to several companies. 

Even though he hasn’t said anything about his plans just yet, his supporters are dying to know, maybe because he’s considering a transfer to WWE. Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson have recently discussed the Hardy Boyz’s potential return to WWE on a recent edition of 83 Weeks. In Bischoff’s view, Matt will not make a solo return to the WWE stage. On the contrary, he thinks Triple H would be down to reunite the Hardy Boys in a tag team role.

The WWE veteran said, “Oh it would be a beautiful setup if that’s possible. It’s kind of what I was asking about, why I was asking about Jeff. Matt going back to WWE on his own I think is less likely, Matt and Jeff if Jeff’s available, more likely…Because of what you just said, and I did think about that you know last match, kind of send-off retirement, but definitely could see that.”

Speculation around Matt Hardy’s possible return to WWE is heating up again as he compliments the company’s recent changes. Wrestling fans are excited about his words about WWE’s new direction, which has led to talk about the Hardy Boyz’s return to the Stamford-based company.

Matt Hardy emphasizes that “things have changed” in the new age of WWE

The wrestling world was abuzz with excitement when Triple H stunned WWE at WrestleMania 40. With a hint of a new ambiance for WrestleMania 41, the WWE chief creative officer hinted at future improvements. Matt Hardy is on board with Triple H’s plan for WrestleMania, and fans can’t wait to see what he has in store.

Matt Hardy
via WWE

In a recent episode of his podcast titled “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy,” Hardy covered the latest happenings in the world of professional wrestling. He was quick to sing the company’s praises when questioned about WWE’s recent reforms. About the new era, the 49-year-old noted, “And you need to brand this as a new era. It’s a new start I think that’s what’s best for WWE. That’s what’s best for TKO and Endeavor. And it’s very important to say that and let people be aware and know that like things have changed.”

Having said that, do you expect a comeback to WWE from the Hardy Boys with Jeff Hardy? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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