Ilja Dragunov injury: latest on NXT champion’s apparent setback

Spectators witnessed a disturbing occurrence at tonight’s WWE NXT taping when NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov was pinned to the mat by Ridge Holland. Things became so bad that Dragunov had to be strapped down and rendered helpless with a neck brace.

Reports indicate that the manner of Dragunov’s injuries is staged and involves Ridge Holland; however, it is unclear if it is true or part of a scenario. This unforeseen injury may be a major setback for Dragunov, who is supposed to defend his NXT Championship against Trick Williams in a matter of weeks.

Ilja Dragunov injury update

Mad Dragon’s successful championship defenses are against Baron Corbin, Hayes, and ‘Dirty’ Dominik Mysterio. For the forthcoming event on December 19, which was pre-recorded to give the talent and crew time off for the holidays, The Mad Dragon—also a former WWE NXT UK Champion—faced Ridge Holland in a taped edition.

Ilja Dragunov
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Especially considering that Dragunov is set to defend the NXT Championship against Trick Williams at New Year’s Evil, pictures from the tape that appeared online showed him with what seemed to be a major injury. 

Another plot point that Dragunov is caught up in concerns the alleged assault on Williams a few weeks ago and the involvement of Carmelo Hayes and Lexis King. Thankfully, Fightful Select reports said that this is all part of the injury plot, even if the images are terrifying.

Direction of Ilja Dragunov’s current storyline

A more desirable outcome than Ilja Dragunov hurting himself is the plot, the factual accuracy is debatable. The Russian wrestler’s career has been booming recently, and he most recently defeated Carmelo Hayes to win the NXT Championship at September’s NXT No Mercy.

He has successfully defended his championship in bouts at WWE NXT Deadline, including ones against Hayes and Baron Corbin. Simultaneously, Trick Williams became the new leading competitor after winning the Iron Survivor Challenge.

The scene is now set for Trick Williams vs. Dragunov for the WWE NXT title at WWE NXT New Year’s Evil. Carmelo Hayes, meanwhile, is still very much involved in the NXT championship picture and is watching everything that’s happening with great interest.

When Trick Williams was assaulted before a #1 Contender’s Match for the NXT Championship on the October 17 broadcast, the plot took an intriguing turn. The story becomes more complicated since Carmelo Hayes won the match despite the assault.

Ilja Dragunov
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The two characters from the last assault will undoubtedly have a major impact on the impending showdown with the Mad Dragon, which will give depth to the developing plot.

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