Is Baron Corbin next in line for NXT title shot following brutal backstage attack on champ Ilja Dragunov at Halloween Havoc?

At NXT Halloween Havoc last night, Ilja Dragunov defended his NXT Championship against the former champ Carmelo Hayes. After picking up the victory, however, The Mad Dragon was attacked by Baron Corbin backstage, who made it clear that he had his eyes on the gold.

After having a lackluster career on the main roster for a few years now, Baron Corbin moved over to the black and gold brand of WWE in May this year. Since then, his career has elevated to a great extent, and he has been getting more screen time as well. He has also gone on record recently, stating that he would like to end his career at NXT.

Is Baron Corbin next in line for the NXT title shot?

Despite not receiving many title shots on the main roster, it looks like its finally Baron Corbin’s time to shine on WWE NXT. At Halloween Havoc Night 2 this week, Ilja Dragunov emerged triumphant in his match with Carmelo Hayes. Following the bout, Dragunov was attacked backstage by The Lone Wolf, who screamed “I told you so” to The Mad Dragon while viciously beating him down.

It looks like Corbin is making it known that he is next in line for championship gold. He made his intentions very clear last night as he took out one of the toughest superstars in NXT. A matchup between the two would definitely generate a ton of hype from fans as well, who are rallying behind The Lone Wolf to finally win a championship and get a push in his career.

Baron Corbin attacks Ilja Dragunov

At NXT Halloween Havoc last night, reigning NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov put his title on the line against the former champ Carmelo Hayes. Melo won a Fatal Four-Way match on NXT a few weeks ago and became the No. 1 contender for Dragunov at Halloween Havoc Night Two.

The match between the two men saw a close finish, where Melo hit Dragunov with a Codebreaker and went on the top rope to execute his finishing move. However, Trick Williams made a surprise appearance, which caught Carmelo Hayes off guard. Williams was Melo’s best friend until he was attacked backstage on the October 17th episode of NXT and was unable to compete in the match to determine the No. 1 contender for the NXT Championship. Melo was later suspected to be the attacker, which he denied.

The distraction from Trick Williams allowed Dragunov to capitalize and put Melo away for the three-count. Following the match, The Mad Dragon was seen getting brutally attacked by Baron Corbin, who made it clear that he’s after the championship gold.

Corbin’s attack on Dragunov marked the beginning of a new rivalry. It will be interesting to see how WWE plays out the feud between the two. Stay tuned for further updates on Baron Corbin and WWE.


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