Is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson quitting WrestleMania 40 plan amid fan backlash?

The Rock’s involvement in the storyline between Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40 has received a huge backlash from WWE fans. Rock’s involvement in WWE’s creative plans has sparked a lot of controversy and anger among wrestling fans, who allege that The Rock is attempting to overshadow Cody Rhodes, who has been keen to conclude the storyline for the past year.

Following the WWE fans’ backlash, there are rumors circulating that plans involving The Rock at WrestleMania may undergo changes, potentially leading to his departure from WrestleMania 40.

What is The Rock’s response to WWE fans backlash?

The Rock got his opportunity to challenge Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40 by stopping the 2024 Royal Rumble winner, Cody Rhodes. On the February 2nd episode of SmackDown, Rhodes stepped back from challenging Reigns and revealed The Rock as the new opponent. This announcement came as a shock and a disappointment to many fans who were expecting Cody Rhodes to face Reigns and they stated to express their frustration on social media.

After this rant by the WWE fans, Rock replied by adding a post on Twitter. Rock added, “tough skin. loves the passion”. This has again created a disappointment among the WWE fans, as Rock’s words clearly show that he has no plans to quit his WrestleMania 40 plans.

The backlash against The Rock was so intense that it led to a viral campaign on social media, with the hashtag #WeWantCody trending over the weekend. Fans expressed their frustration and dissatisfaction with Rock and WWE, and demanded that Rhodes face Reigns at WrestleMania 40 instead of The Rock. Some fans even threatened to boycott WrestleMania 40 if Rock vs Reigns happens.

However, his words did not seem to appease the angry fans, who continued to voice their displeasure and dissatisfaction with Rock and WWE. Fans want Cody, they even chant ‘Rocky Sucks’, so will the Rock step down? Reportedly he is not.

Did Cody Rhodes plot The Rock’s fight vs Roman Reigns?

The WWE Universe, is still in confusion, why Cody Rhodes gave away his opportunity for challenging Roman Reigns to the Rock. Rhodes won the 30 man Royal Rumble match on January 27 and earned his opportunity to headline WrestleMania 40.

Recently on social media, ChanMan, a Pro Wrestling evangelist added, “Cody Rhodes fooled Roman Reigns into thinking he’s not going to face him at WrestleMania…. so AFTER Roman Reigns signs the contract at the press Conference to face The Rock… Cody chooses to face Roman which he can do since he won the Royal Rumble…. This makes it so Roman gets TRICKED into wrestling 2 matches at WrestleMania. We get Roman vs The Rock for Head of the Table one night and Cody vs Roman for the title on the other night. Cody’s plan to take EVERYTHING from The Rock goes into effect”.

Chanman believes that Cody Rhodes may disrupt the press conference tomorrow, preventing The Rock from signing his WrestleMania contract. Rock and Rhodes will both be challenging Reigns for two separate championships. Should this match come to fruition, it would mark a historic moment in WWE as a single superstar takes the main event spotlight for two consecutive nights at WrestleMania.


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