Jade Cargill sends strong message to WWE SmackDown locker room after brutal assault on Damage CTRL

Tonight was the big premiere for the beautiful Jade Cargill, who revealed her formal membership under the blue brand just last week. In order to make a statement, Cargill wasted no time. Her entrance into the ring was nothing short of spectacular, making us forget that we had waited a while to see her wrestle.

With her inclusion, SmackDown in Women’s division is now even more powerful. The former AEW star confidently announced herself a force to be reckoned with in the SmackDown locker room after demolishing the strong group “Damage CTRL” in the ring.

Jade Cargill with bold message after dominant SmackDown appearance

The Royal Rumble match where Jade Cargill made her start showed how good she could be, but WWE hadn’t fully used that ability until now. A sea shift occurred this week on SmackDown when General Manager Nick Aldis introduced Cargill and she made an impressive entrance, announcing her existence to the WWE globe.

Jade Cargill
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Violence broke out after Damage CTRL assaulted Bianca Belair during tonight’s main SmackDown event between her and Dakota Kai. Naomi rushed to help, but there were more people there than she had thought. Just when things looked like they were getting too much, Jade Cargill charged the ring and crushed Damage CTRL all by herself. 

She displayed an astounding show of power as she put down all three members of the faction. Shortly thereafter, Cargill took to social media to deliver a statement that cemented her influence on the blue brand. She tweeted, “The STORM has arrived to #SmackDown.”

After witnessing her rising dominance in the ring, it’s hard to imagine WWE leaving her out of the year’s grandest event. And guess what? WWE has officially confirmed her debut at WrestleMania 40, with just one week left to go.

Jade Cargill confirmed to compete on WWE WrestleMania 40

WWE WrestleMania 40 is coming to Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia between April 6–7. Everyone is waiting with bated breath for the Six-Woman Tag Team announcement. After much anticipation, the exciting news finally broke that The Storm aka Jade Cargill will participate in the most-awaited bout at WrestleMania next month. 

Jade Cargill
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She made a mark on Friday Night SmackDown by standing tall with Naomi and Belair. It’s clear she’s ready for the big stage. Fans are rooting for Jade Cargill and her squad to win the main event after SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis confirmed the bout on social media.

How much did you enjoy Jade Cargill’s spectacular performance on Friday Night SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comments. 


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