Logan Paul is expected to face Kevin Owens to defend his US Championship at Royal Rumble 2024

Logan Paul has not participated in any wrestling matches since winning the WWE United States Championship title at Crown Jewel 2023 against WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio.

Last week, The Maverick announced a tournament to determine the new number-one contender for his title, whom he is expected to face at the Royal Rumble 2024. The tournament has now reached the final stage, with Kevin Owens scheduled to face Santos Escobar in the next episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

Logan Paul reported to face Kevin Owens at Royal Rumble 2024

WWE is planning a huge title match at Royal Rumble 2024, which has been in the making since WrestleMania 37. Logan Paul made his WWE debut in 2021 at WrestleMania 37 Night Two, where he appeared ringside at Sami Zayn’s request as he took on Kevin Owens.

Paul has made significant progress in his wrestling career and is now the holder of the United States Championship title. During a recent episode of SmackDown, he had an encounter with Kevin Owens, who informed him about his participation in an ongoing tournament to determine the top contender for the championship.

Kevin Owens advanced to the semi-finals after defeating Austin Theory in the first round. In the semi-finals, he faced off against former NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes in an exciting match on last week’s episode of SmackDown. Owens emerged victorious, securing his spot in the final.

According to the latest backstage report, the creative team is planning to have Kevin Owens challenge Logan Paul for the United States Championship at the Royal Rumble event in 2024. Dave Meltzer shared the plans for this high-stakes bout in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter writing, “Logan Paul vs. Kevin Owens for the US title is also expected.”

Why is Kevin Owens likely to win vs. Logan Paul?

Logan Paul’s success story in WWE has taken many by surprise. While it’s not uncommon for celebrities to make appearances, fans were stunned by his decision to step into the ring, and even more so when he signed a full-time contract. The Maverick has proven himself to be a skillful wrestler, and he even won the United States Championship by defeating Rey Mysterio at the Crown Jewel 2023 event.

However, a United States Championship No.1 Contender Tournament has been taking place on SmackDown to determine Logan’s first challenger. Although it is still ongoing at the time of writing, many believe that Kevin Owens will defeat Santos Escobar in the finals. Regardless of the outcome, it is inevitable that Kevin will get a title opportunity.

It is highly likely that Kevin Owens and Logan Paul will have a match against each other at the 2024 Royal Rumble event in Florida. However, WWE might decide to extend the storyline to the next major event. The WWE Elimination Chamber is scheduled to take place in front of a crowd of over 50,000 fans in Perth, Australia, in February.

Logan Paul also has a limited schedule and is unlikely to become a long-term part-time champion in the WWE Universe. If Kevin Owens is Logan’s first challenger, he may quickly dethrone him and ensure the title is defended on most WWE shows. Most WWE fans are also eager to see Owens win WWE titles after such a long break.

What is your opinion on the rumored match between Logan Paul and Kevin Owens? Would you like to see K.O. defeat The Maverick for the United States Championship? Let us know in the comments section below!

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