Kevin Hart hyped after LeBron James confirms partnership with $18 billion organization

Lakers star LeBron James recently announced his partnership with an $18 billion organization. Bron’s close friend Kevin was enthralled by the announcement. He welcomed his fellow friend by sharing a message on his social media.

Bron and Hart have had a great relationship. They have been friends for a long time. Hart was even invited to Bron’s 39th birthday party which was no less than a blockbuster movie. In one incident Bron even joked and asked Kevin to “kiss his a**.”

Kevin Hart welcomes LeBron James at DraftKings

The famous comedian and Hollywood star Kevin Hart recently sent a warm welcome message to his long-time athlete friend LeBron James. He posted a video on his official X (formerly Twitter) account, hyping up the partnership between the multi-billion dollar company Draft Kings and the NBA’s King LeBron James.

“All my guys, ladies and gentlemen, I come with a big announcement. Massive announcements. The day has finally come for me and my brother to join forces and I am proud to say that my brother, my guy LeBron James will be joining the Draft Kings team. This is an amazing announcement, Lebron James, Kevin Hart, Draft Kings! It doesn’t get bigger,” said Hart in his welcoming video.

Later in the video, Hart cracked a joke, stating that this wasn’t the first time he and Bron had been on the same team. He mentioned playing basketball together in Thailand, a fact not widely known. Hart, having been with the betting company for a considerable duration, delivered a refreshing welcome message for his friend, much to the delight of the fans.

LeBron James
LeBron James and Kevin Hart attending Klutch Sports Group dinner (Credits: Getty)

LeBron James once told Kevin Hart to ‘kiss his a**’

Lebron James and Kevin Hart share a great bond and once LeBron even hilariously asked Kevin to “Kiss his a**.” The incident happened when Bron was in his second run with the Cleveland Cavaliers and rumors were popping up about him moving to the Lakers.

Kevin Hart who is a big fan of his hometown team Philadelphia 76ers tried to persuade Bron to join the 76ers by offering him a mere $40. “I tried and offered him $40 and said ‘Come to Philly,'” said Hart about making an offer.

Well, LeBron did not like that offer much and his reply to Hart was, “Kiss my a**.” This was a friendly conversation between the two stars and there was no animosity between their statements towards each other.

Hart even praised Bron as the player “who has the world at his feet,” after sharing the incident. However, he tries his best to persuade the King to come to Philadelphia. Things didn’t go his way as Bron signed with the Lakers and went on to win another championship in 2020.

However, now the situation is different as the Lakers have not been in their best condition in the league right now. LeBron even expressed his displeasure after a loss at the hands of the Hawks. Also, his latest cryptic message has scared the Lakers Nation to their core.

What do you think of Kevin Hart’s welcoming message for LeBron James? What do you think about the friendship between the two stars? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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