Kevin Owens makes himself crystal clear over CM Punk’s WWE return: “just wanna have fun at work”

Randy Orton made a remarkable return at WWE Survivor Series: WarGames, while CM Punk also shocked everyone by returning as well. Although Orton’s comeback was anticipated, Punk’s entrance caught both the WWE Universe and his other competitors by surprise. SmackDown star Kevin Owens recently discussed the returns in an interview, and his responses surprising.

Owens seemed to be hoping for a more pleasant work atmosphere when he showed less excitement over CM Punk’s comeback. This is very different from how excited he was about Randy Orton’s return. After these high-profile returns, Owens’ remarks can lead to rumors about the team’s internal dynamics.

Kevin Owens reacts to CM Punk’s return

On the most recent edition of WWE Raw, CM Punk announced his return to WWE and highlighted his transformation. Punk makes it plain in the same advertisement that getting money is his main priority. Owens’ reaction to CM Punk’s return stood out when he was asked about Randy Orton’s and Punk’s comebacks during the promotion of WWE’s next Christmas tour.

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Owens’ response to Punk was evidently uncomfortable and unenthusiastic, even without explicitly stating it. However, when questioned about Orton’s comeback, the contrast became apparent. Having briefly crossed paths in the mid-2000s in Ring of Honor, this marks the second time Punk and Owens have shared a locker room.

Reportedly, a dispute ensued when top figure Punk had a problem with Owens wrestling in a t-shirt back then. Curiously, even in modern times, Owens continues to wrestle while wearing a sleeveless shirt. However, K.O. said shortly about CM Punk’s return, “Um, I just want to have fun at work. So if he’s got that mindset, great.”

K.O discusses having Randy Orton back

Kevin Owens’ muted response to Punk stands in opposition to his celebration of Randy Orton’s comeback on Cody Rhodes’s team. Particularly noteworthy is Owens’s praise of Orton, which brings attention to the Viper’s reserved approach to leadership.

This feeling reminds fans of the CM Punk tales when he tried to take charge of the locker room but faced significant skepticism. Even if he didn’t say it out loud, K.O. seemed genuinely happy about the Viper’s comeback.

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Owens highlighted his joy at having Orton back in the locker room when talking about Orton’s return, highlighting the great impact Orton had. In his opinion, Orton is one of WWE’s natural leaders since he sets a good example and doesn’t require constant reassurance from higher-ups. 

About Viper he said, “I love Randy, I’m so happy he’s back. He’s much needed. Having him around is an absolute positive. He’s good to have around, he’s good for the morale. Some people are leaders without saying, ‘I’m a leader.’ They don’t need to be, they just are. Randy’s one of them. When he’s around, everyone steps up their game and I love that.”

What are your thoughts on K.O.’s response to Punk’s return? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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