Latest report reveals a massive plot twist in Cody Rhodes saga

During the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown, a segment featuring Cody Rhodes, Roman Reigns, and The Rock created confusion among viewers. Many believed that Rhodes was stepping aside to allow Reigns and The Rock to face each other at WWE WrestleMania 40.

However, this decision was met with immediate backlash from fans who booed promotional materials featuring The Rock at WWE NXT Vengeance Day. Even mainstream media outlets covered the response. It is now unclear whether this situation was intentional or not.

An eye-opening backstage update regarding Cody Rhodes comes to the surface

Wrestling Observer Radio has provided an update on Cody Rhodes, stating that backstage sources have described him as professional but seemed somber on Friday. However, there is confidence that Rhodes will handle the situation well, regardless of what happens. Additionally, some within the company now believe that this has been the plan from the start, or, at the very least, the company may pivot to include Rhodes.

“They were expecting Cody Rhodes to turn into Daniel Bryan. They were expecting to make Cody Rhodes into a martyr and make him a bigger babyface out of that. Were they expecting the people to boo Dwayne? I don’t know, because I’ve asked that one and haven’t gotten a straight answer. The reaction for Cody, about Cody getting screwed and people getting behind Cody, was part of the story. That was expected,” said Dave Meltzer.

It is unknown whether WWE is behind the current situation involving Rock, Reigns, and Rhodes. However, if they are, it is being kept confidential within the company. A source from within the promotion stated that the discussion surrounding these three wrestlers is better than people talking about the recent allegations against Vince McMahon.

Meanwhile, another source suggested that WWE officials may be trying to show incompetence rather than malice, as implied in the McMahon lawsuit.

Former WWE talent gives his two cents on Cody Rhodes’s situation

Jonathan Coachman, a former WWE talent, has commented on the support that wrestler Cody Rhodes has been receiving from fans and fellow wrestlers on social media. Cody won this year’s Royal Rumble match and was expected to challenge Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 40.

However, he gave up his spot to The Rock on WWE SmackDown last Friday, and now The Great One will be facing The Tribal Chief at WrestleMania 40. Many fans are unhappy with this decision and are calling on the company to give Cody back his WrestleMania spot on Raw.

Jonathan Coachman, a former commentator for WWE, recently expressed his admiration for the way fans have been supporting Cody Rhodes on Twitter. In a tweet, Coachman stated that he hadn’t seen anything quite like this before and described it as a very cool moment.

“In all of my years, I don’t think I have seen a ground swell of emotion and support for a superstar in the WWE. The last 24 hours has been incredible to watch and I believe that moments like this are why people love this man so much. Really cool moment and why I always loved live events more than television tapings,” said Jonathon Coachman.

What are your thoughts on the recent promo by Cody Rhodes? Do you think it was intentionally done by WWE to generate hype for the storyline? Let us know in the comments below!

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