Leaked audio clarifies the reason for Devin Booker calling out Grant Williams

Some rivalries in the NBA have become a legacy, where even the fans of the franchise hate each other just as the players do. The rivalry between the Suns and the Mavs is one of them and recently, Grant Williams became the newest addition to the altercations between the teams.

Suns star Devin Booker called out Williams in a post-game interview and the leaked audio of the moment of the altercation on the court clarifies the reason why the Suns star decided to do so.

Grant Williams’ trash-talking with Kevin Durant leaked

In a recent clip that is making the rounds on social media, it can be seen that Grant Williams is trash-talking with Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant. The video featured a moment from the Suns vs Mavs match where Kevin and Grant had an altercation, after which KD fell to the ground. The bump drew a foul on Williams but he proceeded to take an action that looked like he was walking over the two-time NBA champion.

This infuriated KD as the two players trash-talked each other and soon both the teams got involved. In the video, KD can be seen saying, “Don’t walk over me N***a!” To which Grant Williams replied with bluntness. He said, “Stop F*****g Flopping!” Suns star Jusuf Nurkic got involved in the matter to back his teammate up as he pushed Williams and also trash-talked him calling him a coward. The situation ended with all three stars involved getting a technical foul.

Grant Williams
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Later on, Nurkic got into a moment where Williams guarded him and he made an easy shot by pushing him a little with his back while calling him too short. Grant Williams complained to the referee about Nurkic and received his second technical foul which resulted in him getting ejected. The Suns Mavs dominated and won the match with the final score of 132-109 at Dallas’ home.

Devin Booker slams Grant Williams antics

After the heated game and a dominant win, the Suns guard Devin Booker slammed Grant Williams for his “nonsense tactics” in the post-game conference. He alleged the Mavs player for trying to provoke the Suns’ players to lose their cool. He reportedly said, “I saw him (Grant Willams) step over Kevin Durant. It’s just nonsense tactics, trying to get us involved in the game in a way that we do not. We are just out there trying to hoop and play the correct way. All this silly stuff is just extra.”

Devin Booker
Devin Booker (Credits: getty)

After Williams was ejected, the Mavs suffered a disastrous third quarter in which the Suns outscored the Mavs 43-20. Later on in the press conference, Booker highlighted the possible reason for the altercation in the game. He said, “I just think that when teams have a recent playoff series against each other, It just heightens the atmosphere and everything.” The Suns had faced the Mavs in the 2022 Playoff series where the Mavs sent them home, Booker referenced it in the post-game conference and marked it as a possible reason for the heated moments in the game.

What do you think of the trash talk between Kevin Durant and Grant Williams? What do you think of Devin Booker slamming Williams after the game? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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