“He earned it”: Jey Uso defends Roman Reigns over part-time WWE schedule

Roman Reigns has become one of the most remarkable and must-see superstars in the wrestling industry. Despite being under a part-time contract with WWE, Reigns’ success within the company has not diminished, as he continues to dominate across all aspects of the industry, from merchandise sales to getting higher viewership.

On a recent interview, Reigns cousin Jey Uso expressed his happiness in seeing the success of Reigns in WWE and voiced his support for the part-time schedule of Reigns.

Jey Uso defends Roman Reigns’ part-time schedule

Roman Reigns has been the needle mover of the company for more than a decade and has achieved unprecedented success as a four-time WWE Champion, a two-time WWE Universal Champion, and a Royal Rumble winner.

In a recent interview with Chamatkar Sandhu of TNT Sports, Jey justified Reigns’ less appearance in WWE. He said, “I look at my cousin now, Roman, and I’m just happy on how far he’s come. Inspiring, man. He’s the blueprint of what hard work does and you can never knock that. He has great work ethic. He deserves all the time off that he has, he earned it.

Reigns has also faced a lot of criticism from fans and they have also expressed their displeasure with Reigns’ part-time schedule. Reigns has participated in only 11 matches in 2023 and he has not wrestled since Crown Jewel 2023, after defeating LA Knight.

Jey made it clear that he was really happy with Reigns’ achievement and ended his speech by saying that he deserved his time off .

Jey Uso wants Roman Reigns vs The Rock at WrestleMania 40

The anticipation for the main event of WrestleMania 40 continues to grow steadily after The Rock’s return to WWE. The people’s champion made a shocking return to WWE Day 1 and hinted at a possible feud with Roman Reigns.

In the same interview, Jey Uso was asked about his thoughts on the Reigns vs. Rock match. Jey said, “I got goosebumps right now because we’ve been waiting on this. People want this. We waited on this. I want to watch it. Yeah, I’m so excited because, like I said, people want to see that match, and it’s a big W for my family still.”

The Rock
via WWE

Jey expressed his excitement about witnessing the dream match between the two top stars in WWE. He also picked Reigns to win the match and reminisced about his past days as a member of The Bloodline.

Regardless of which of these superstars emerges victorious, witnessing them face off in the same ring will be a thrilling spectacle and will be a source of pride for the entire Samoan Family.


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