Logan Paul got John Cena grinning as the US champion mercilessly slammed The Rock’s WWE return

The upcoming episode of Impaulsive is set to feature the 16-time WWE Champion, John Cena, alongside the United States Champion, Logan Paul. The show has welcomed several WWE Superstars recently, but this will mark Cena’s first appearance. With Cena hinting at his retirement from wrestling, there is anticipation that he might confirm his situation on the show.

Paul released a short clip of the video on social media. In the clip, Paul and Cena were having a conversation about The Rock’s return to WWE, with Paul seemingly discussing The Rock’s promo from the WWE Day 1 RAW episode.

Logan Paul slams The Rock’s WWE return

The Maverick, Logan Paul, revealed John Cena as the next special guest on his talk show Impaulsive. Paul shared a 10-second video on social media where he was seen questioning John Cena about The People’s Champion’s latest return promo.

Upon his return to WWE, The Rock had a segment with Jinder Mahal, and after defeating Mahal, he delivered a promo. In the promo, The Rock issued a potential challenge to the WWE Undisputed Champion, Roman Reigns, referencing him as “The Head Of The Table.”

In the video, Paul decided to throw shade at Johnson as he asked Cena, “You saw The Rock’s return. Well, he went out there and he said, ‘You think I should sit at The Head of the Table.’ Do you think he had that line written on his wrist?”

Paul’s poked fun at The Rock, alluding to a past incident where Cena mocked Dwyane Johnson for having his script written on his wrist.

Cena confirmed that he watched The Rock’s return to WWE, and the clip concluded with Cena smiling in response to Paul’s question. This has sparked curiosity among WWE fans, especially considering Cena and The Rock had a rivalry for almost two years back in 2012 and 2013. During their feud, both wrestlers delivered memorable promos, contributing to the hype surrounding their bouts.

Reports from Paul’s friends, Mike Majlak and George Janko, who were also hosts of the show, confirmed that Cena and Paul engaged in a friendly and candid conversation. Remains to be seen exactly how candid Cena’s response exactly was.

The Rock’s infamous promo from 2012

The Rock and Cena’s feud was one of the most successful and profitable in WWE history, as it drew millions of fans and generated record-breaking revenues. One of the most memorable moments of their feud occurred on an episode of Raw in 2012 when Cena called out The Rock for having notes on his wrist during a promo.

On the March 12, 2012, episode of Raw, The Rock and Cena had a face-to-face confrontation in the ring. This was the platform where they delivered their final words before their WrestleMania 28 showdown in Cleveland, Ohio.

During The Rock’s fiery promo, where he vowed to beat Cena and prove that he was still the most powerful man in sports entertainment, Cena noticed that The Rock had some words written on his wrist, presumably to help him remember his lines. This discovery led to a hilariously infamous moment in their ongoing feud.

Logan Paul’s question has stirred memories of that segment and clearly indicates his desire to revisit the feud with The Rock. The full show is set to be released on Paul’s official YouTube channel tomorrow, and fans are eagerly anticipating John Cena’s response.


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