Mark Shapiro rejects Vince McMahon’s WWE return: He doesn’t work for the company, He’s not coming back

Vince McMahon has been in the news since his sex scandal with a former WWE employee was brought to the news. The founder of WWE later resigned from the board of TKO Group Holdings, bringing an end to the McMahon family’s legacy in the wrestling industry.

Not long ago, TKO COO (Chief Operating Officer) Mark Shapiro said that Mr. McMahon has nothing to do with WWE and is not coming back into the company after what he did. This blatant rejection from Shapiro surprised fans and some are wondering how this makes Vince feel about his former company.

Mark Shapiro shuts down Vince McMahon WWE return rumors

Vince McMahon was sued by former employee, Janel Grant, alleging “psychological torture and physical violence.” Grant claims she was compelled to engage with other wrestlers, subjected to their pleasure, and faced “depraved sexual demands” for her employment with the company. McMahon has acknowledged paying hush money to multiple women to conceal instances of sexual harassment and misconduct during their time at WWE.

Vince described his lawsuit in a statement, saying, “I stand by my prior statement that Ms Grant’s lawsuit is replete with lies, obscene made-up instances that never occurred, and is a vindictive distortion of the truth. I intend to vigorously defend myself against these baseless accusations, and look forward to clearing my name,”

Since the lawsuit was made public, Vince McMahon was forced to leave the company, which he inherited from his father and transformed into a global entertainment business. A little while back, TKO COO (Chief Operating Officer) Mark Shapiro shared that Vince is not welcome in their company and does not represent them in any way or form.

Shapiro said in a conference, “We don’t talk to him, we don’t know his motives, his plans, his timelines. He doesn’t work for the company, doesn’t come into the office and he’s not coming back to the company. And that’s where we sit.”

Vince McMahon allegedly censored in some of the WWE 2K24 cutscenes

WWE 2K24 is the upcoming console game that WWE releases every year. This professional wrestling sports video game is set to release on March 5, 2024. This game is the tenth installment under the name 2K and includes the most famous WWE superstars as playable characters.

After the Beta release of the video game, fans noticed that scenes featuring McMahon are blurred. In the ‘Showcase of Immortals’ game mode, where players can relive iconic Wrestlemania matches, McMahon’s face from archived footage appears unclear.

Vince is present in the background of many matches, and some sources suggest that his footage is intentionally blurred, possibly due to his recent lawsuit. Fans speculate that developers aim to minimize his connection with the game to avoid disrupting future sales, although the exact reason remains unknown.

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