Cowboys’ Micah Parsons blasts ‘fake analysts’ waiting for team’s downfall after loss vs Bills

The Dallas Cowboys and linebacker Micah Parsons thought they would be able to reign in the NFC East for a while after defeating their divisional rival Philadelphia Eagles in Week 14. However, they lost their top spot to Philly last Sunday after falling to the Buffalo Bills.

But fortune again favored the Cowboys as the Eagles also digested a loss to the Seattle Seahawks in Week 15, and the Cowboys are now back to their leading spot in the NFC East. Nevertheless, the team could not escape the intense criticism of the NFL community, and some analysts too joined fans in the jab. Micah, being a vocal supporter of his team, aimed reverse digs at those analysts in his recent podcast.

Micah Parsons takes aim at critics

The Cowboys recent 31-10 loss against the Buffalo Bills unearthed more than just a scoreboard deficit, as they found themselves not just contending with on-field struggles but also facing a barrage of criticism from analysts and former NFL stars. The team’s quarterback, Dak Prescott is not a new name in the list of the most bashed signal-callers in the league. Following their week 15 loss, the team as a whole had to face intense scrutiny from the NFL community.

Amidst the ongoing situation, Micah Parsons didn’t hold back in his critique of TV analysts, who seemingly reveled in the team’s failures. Expressing frustration, Parsons highlighted how some analysts eagerly await the Cowboys’ losses by creating an atmosphere that borders on unhealthy anticipation for their downfall.

On The Edge with Micah Parsons, the veteran shed light on the toxic nature of sensationalist analysis in sports media, where former players fuel narratives by emphasizing current players’ shortcomings.

“Everyone just waits for the Cowboys to lose.. saw multiple analysts, people who are fake analysts who somehow got jobs on TV saying, ‘There goes your boy.’ Like, ‘Oh hell, there he is. That’s the person we have been waiting for.’ It’s almost to the point where it’s like, it’s almost sick.”

The LB remarks extended beyond the confines of the field as he criticized former NFL players who transition to media roles, often seemingly rooting against current players to fuel their commentary. This trend, according to him, perpetuates a cycle of negativity where success is overshadowed by a desire to dissect failures.

“Former players are waiting for other current players to fail, so that way they can have something to talk about. It’s not even to just get into names. I mean, I feel like, at this point, you kind of know who you are. And it’s like, why do you want a person to lose so bad? It just seems a lot of people are just waiting for people to fail.”

One notable critic was New England Patriots legend Rob Gronkowski, who characterized the Cowboys as lacking “mental toughness” after their loss to the Bills. The veteran pointed to a recurring pattern in the team’s performances during high-stakes games, as despite a promising five-game winning streak, the Cowboys inability to secure victories in crucial matchups remains a focal point of discussion.

Parsons deems Cowboys’ road struggles

The Cowboys have emerged as a dominant force this season by boasting an impressive record that positions them among the league’s elite. However, this season’s success comes with a significant asterisk: their baffling road performances. Despite a significant overall standing, the team have struggled away from home, with a disappointing 3–4 record on the road.

Week 15 painted an unfortunate scenario as the Bills dismantled the NFC East powerhouse, sealing a resounding 31-10 victory. This loss added to a string of disappointing away performances, including defeats in Arizona and San Francisco earlier in the season. Even in close contests like the Week 9 battle against the Eagles, the Cowboys stumbled.

Micah Parsons minced no words by labeling the road performances as “unacceptable” and “mind-boggling”. Weather conditions in mid-December were relatively mild, eliminating any potential scapegoat for the Cowboys’ road woes. However, the LB thinks there should be no excuse for these road defeats.

“Honestly, it’s unacceptable at this point. There’s no excuse for it. It’s mind-boggling and I don’t understand why we’re not playing well, and why we’re not coming together on the road. We’ve something we need to look at and get better at, because we’re back on the road next week”, he said via

Despite a stellar start to the season, the team’s lackluster road victories against lower-tier opponents, such as the New York Giants, Los Angeles Chargers, and Carolina Panthers, highlight their inconsistency outside of Texas.

The upcoming Week 16 clash against the AFC East-leading Miami Dolphins intensifies the pressure for the Cowboys. The NFL Christmas game at Hard Rock Stadium will provide another opportunity for the team to overturn their road misfortunes.


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