New NXT Women’s champion Lyra Valkyria earns Becky Lynch approval: “The future is bright”

Becky Lynch’s illustrious reign as NXT Women’s Champion has been unexpectedly ended as a new face emerged victorious and grabbed the prized championship title at the highly anticipated NXT Halloween Havoc. The stunning Lyra Valkyria triumphed over the imposing Big Time Becks in a titanic duel of Irish titans, cementing her reputation as the fresh, new face of WWE NXT’s Women’s Division.

Becky Lynch surprised the WWE Universe when she appeared on NXT to challenge former NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton for the title. She went on to win the championship and proved to be a fighting champion by defending her title on several occasions.

Becky Lynch reacts to title loss

The two Irish superstars headlined WWE NXT Halloween Havoc last night. Becky Lynch put her NXT Women’s Championship on the line against Lyra Valkyria, who has been gaining a lot of prominence in the last few weeks. It also marked the first time that Lynch, who was essentially a mentor for Valkyria, faced her mentee in the ring.

The dynamic combo of Lynch and Valkyria performed a spectacular battle in a display of raw athleticism and tenacity that surely rates among the best matches seen in NXT this year. Both contestants threw their hearts and souls into this thrilling competition, leaving no stone unturned. Valkyria’s rigorous preparation shone through as she squared off against her tutor. In the match’s thrilling conclusion, she completed a stunning pin on the powerful Big Time Becks, securing the three-count and emerging victorious as the new NXT Women’s champion.

Following her victory, Lyra Valkyria had a look of shock and disbelief on her face. She celebrated with Becky Lynch, who congratulated her and raised her hand as a sign of respect between the two. The Man also took to social media to praise her mentee, saying that “the future is bright”, referring to the history of NXT’s Women’s Division and the beginning of Lyra Valkyria’s title reign.

Irish connection between Becky Lynch and Lyra Valkyria

Both Becky Lynch and Lyra Valkyria are wrestlers representing Ireland. Lynch has been representing her hometown for the last 10 years in WWE, with Valkyria now stepping up to carry the torch from The Man.

They have been seen together often, leaving fans to wonder if Lynch was actually training Valkyria behind the scenes, preparing her for WWE. However, that seems unlikely, as during the time Valkyria was learning to wrestle, Lynch was rising through the ranks in NXT’s Women’s Division. Nevertheless, it’s not to say that The Man hasn’t served as a mentor for Valkyria. A WWE video package, which featured both Irish superstars working out together in 2018, seemed to show that the two were close.

While it’s true that Becky Lynch hasn’t directly trained Lyra Valkyria, there’s no denying the significant impact The Man has had on the rising star’s success in NXT. Fans expect to see the two superstars share the ring again in the future in anticipation of future showdowns.


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