NFL fans calls Allen Lazard ‘Aaron Rodgers merchant’ for costing Jets $521,000 per catch this season

The New York Jets haven’t had the best of seasons this year; with a disappointing lack of potent athletes and the inability to string together a successful run of form, the side has faltered at every crucial juncture.

Allen Lazard, wide receiver for the New York Jets, was a fitting reflection of how the entire season has turned out for the Jets. The starlet was sidelined for almost the entirety of the season and ended up with stats that were not fitting for someone of his caliber. Let’s find out more.

Allen Lazard cost jets $521,000 per catch this season

Before the start of this current season, Allen Lazard was considered a hot property as far as Wide Receivers were concerned. That is why the New York Jets had to shell out the big bucks in order to keep Lazard in the MetLife this year. However, his stats have been far from satisfactory.

According to The Athletic, Allen Lazard was paid $12 million for the entirety of this season. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to feature in most of the games and ended the regular season with only 23 catches for 311 yards.

This has given rise to a pretty miserable yet hilarious statistic: it was calculated that Lazard was paid upwards of $521K for each of his catches, resulting in a lot of Jets faithful unleashing a barrage of abuses on the 28-year-old.

NFL community reacts to Allen Lazard’s $521K per catch this season

Allen Lazard’s unfortunate statistic has given rise to a lot of negative traction on social media, where fans of the New York Jets have dissed their once-beloved wide receiver. One user actually compared him to Aaron Rodgers, the veteran quarterback who also signed for the Jets but hasn’t featured in any competitive games yet.

These comparisons between him and Aaron Rodgers didn’t stop at just one. Another user commented, “Lot of receivers were overpaid this year. This particular one was the a-rod effect lol, ” while another quipped, “Being Rodgers friend has its benefits.”

Come next season, Allen Lazard will look to prove his haters wrong, and with the likes of Aaron Rodgers supplying quality and accurate balls, his stats are bound to see an upturn right from the preseason.

What are your thoughts on Allen Lazard’s comparisons with teammate Aaron Rodgers? Let us know in the comments below.


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