NFL legend Tom Brady subtly slanders chef Gordon Ramsey’s culinary skills by revealing his sandwich-making secret: “GOAT Cheese”

Tom Brady has maintained contact with fans through his social media presence since retiring prior to this season. Even though he left NFL, the Las Vegas Raiders tried to sign him. He knows that his fans enjoy learning about their favorite player, so he uses social media to share details about his daily activities while never keeping them in the dark about his interests and preferences.

The NFL’s most decorated athlete of all time, who dominated the field for over 20 years, recently showed that he was a multi-faceted superhero by demonstrating his culinary abilities off the game.

 Tom Brady slams Gordon Ramsey by revealing sandwich-making secret

Tom Brady and well-known chef Nick DiGiovanni reacted to Gordon Ramsay’s cheese sandwich in a hilarious video that was shared on Instagram on November 3.

The seven-time Super Bowl victor found a way to show his cooking prowess that he decided to reveal saying, “Seriously Gordon? Even I can make a better-grilled cheese than that.”

Tom Brady

TB12 was spotted cutting the bread into pieces, slicing cheese, and placing them between the breads. Then the final look was revealed after he flipped a pan and left the materials in the pan for cooking.

Tom Terrific’s sandwich won the heart of DiGiovanni, motivating him to seek for the secret of the recipes. The GOAT of the field humorously figured it out as “A little GOAT cheese.”

After seeing surely one can proclaim Brady as the GOAT of the kitchen as well after seeing his eyes full of confidence to beat the famous Chief.

Details on Tom Brady’s diet

In the NFL, where the typical quarterback career span is relatively short, Tom Brady reigned for more than two decades. While most fans focus on his athleticism, the retired player’s determination to maintain a healthy and fit body played an important part behind the scenes.

With his strictness on the field, the former starter was bound to a set of a balanced diet that he never broke throughout his whole NFL career.

The 45-year-old’s diet consists primarily of plant-based foods with minimal amounts of trans and saturated fat.  In addition, his diet plan calls for consuming 80% plant-based foods and 20% meats with little to no added sugar or carbs. 

Tom Brady
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Together with an abundance of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and olive oil, it also encompasses small amounts of fish and lean meats, per Healthline.

His diet chart will seemingly assist him to keep his younger look-ahead, though at a time it was rumored that the superstar went through plastic surgery to get an appealing look

Do you assume also that behind Tom’s stunning look plastic surgery is playing a crucial role than his diet chart?

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