Rhea Ripley steps out of character to congratulate fellow WWE star on his first title: “Never thought I’d see the day”

Rhea Ripley is one of the most dominant female wrestlers on the current roster of WWE RAW. She is the leading force of the Judgment Day faction. Her presence is enough to dominate even her stablemates. Presently, she is the best female heel in WWE and her nickname, The Eradicator, comes from the damage she did to her opponents as a heel.

However, there are very few moments where the Mami of Judgment Day is seen out of her heel character, and recently this moment was seen when she wished her buddy Duke Hudson for his first title win.

Rhea Ripley congratulates Duke Hudson

Yesterday’s NXT Halloween Havoc was one of the best events ever held in the third brand of WWE. The audience felt a mix of emotions as they witnessed the defeats and victories of several superstars. Although the match between Becky Lynch and Lyra Valkyria was the most highlighted title match of the event, the tag team title match was also celebrated.

Duke Hudson and Andre Chase have achieved a great feat by winning the NXT tag team Championship titles at Halloween Havoc. It was not long since Duke and Andre created their Chase University team and the stars were lucky enough to get their first tag team titles together in such a big event in NXT.

Reacting to this win of Chase University, Judgment Day member Rhea Ripley tweeted on Twitter by congratulating Hudson and she also mentioned that she never thought he would win a title. Rhea Ripley is a friend of Duke Hudson as both of them are Australian and they were seen having funny interactions several times on social media.

“Wtf. @sixftiiiiive [Duke Hudson] with a title… Never thought I’d see the day. congratulations… I guess,” wrote Ripley.

Chase University’s Andre Chase and Duke Hudson become NXT Tag Team Champ

NXT faction Chase University members Andre Chase and Duke Hudson defeated The Family members Tony D’Angelo and Channing Lorenzo. With this victory, Chase University secured the NXT Tag Team Championship at NXT Halloween Havoc. This is a huge achievement for the faction.

The match between Chase University and The Family was an electrifying one as all the participants gave their best for the tag team titles. At the beginning of the match, D’Angelo was dominating Andre Chase with his tactful moves. But as the time went during the match, Chase and Hudson started their counterattacks.

The match was going pretty well until Jacy Jayne, who was in the corner to support Chase University, tried to intervene in the match by providing a weapon to Andre. However, Chase was honest and didn’t take the weapon, instead, he pinned Tony and secured the victory.

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