Sasha Banks a.k.a Mercedes Mone reveals why she left WWE in 2022

Mercedes Mone also known as Sasha Banks has been in the news since it was revealed that she would join Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling (AEW) in March 2024. The wrestler enjoyed a successful career in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) but later transitioned to independent wrestling after leaving the company.

Mercedes Mone recently revealed the truth behind her mysterious departure from the Stamford-based company. Although the reason remained unclear since 2022, ‘The Boss’ now aims to share her side of the story behind the entire controversy with her fans.

Why did Mercedes Mone leave WWE in 2022?

Mercedes Mone stands as one of the greatest female athletes in the wrestling industry, having been the first-ever female wrestler, alongside ‘The Queen’ Charlotte Flair, to headline the premium live event of WWE Hell in a Cell in 2016. Recently, Mone appeared on ‘The Kick Rocks Wrestling Podcast’, where she disclosed the reason for her departure from WWE back in 2022.

She said, “Something told me I needed to do this & stand up for myself. It was a very hard decision because wrestling in WWE has been my whole life, hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in my whole life but it’s the most proudest, it’s crazy because I would not be sitting here, living the best version of my life, in getting to be everything I’ve ever dreamt of — & more. That moment changed my whole life for the better. I’m so thankful for that moment, so proud of myself, so proud of Trinity, so proud of how strong we were.”

‘The CEO of Stardom’ continued saying, “I just know that everybody acted like they were in the room, or work there, or were backstage, or knew what happened, or knew what said…but all I know is that I handled it like a CEO, like the boss that I am, with my head held up high & I can’t say nothing but amazing things to WWE, so thankful for the career they gave me, the fans they gave me, the life they gave me, the dreams they gave me.”

Mercedes Mone is set to make her AEW debut

Mercedes Mone last appeared on NJPW Resurgence 2023, where she faced off against Nightingale. During her match, Mone got her ankle injured, which forced her to take a break from wrestling until she healed. Now rumors around the industry suggest that Mercedes will likely make her big debut on All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

This month on March 13, AEW will hold their Dynamite: Big Business in Mones’s hometown Boston. Although the 32-year-old wrestling star has yet to sign any contract with the Florida-based company, she said that AEW might just be the new home after WWE.

A few months prior Mone was speculated to return in WWE Royal Rumble but unfortunately, that did not occur. Certain sources are now suggesting that Mercedes Mone will make her AEW debut on March 13. Fans have even speculated on a potential opponent for the athlete, namely ‘The Professor’ Serena Deeb, who recently expressed dissatisfaction with her current opponents.

In an interview, Deeb mentioned her desire for a real challenge, someone worthy and experienced enough to face her. AEW enthusiasts are speculating that Serena and Mercedes might clash in her debut match for the promotion. Although it remains unclear if the match will occur on Dynamite, fans are eagerly anticipating ‘The Boss’s’ return to a major promotion like AEW following her departure from WWE.

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