Sean Strickland slams Jake Paul vs Ryan Bourland: You’re literally paying cans to fight and lose to you

Jake Paul made his name with victories over MMA veterans like Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley, Anderson Silva, and Nate Diaz. However, he has changed his approach and has been following the traditional professional boxing route.

As part of the plan, Paul fought against accomplished boxers with an amateur background. Paul’s upcoming bout is also against another boxer with an amateur background and a former UFC champion believes this fight isn’t exactly a step up in competition.

Sean Strickland calls out Jake Paul for paying opponent to lose

Sean Strickland, the former UFC middleweight champion, was called out by Jake Paul for a sparring session after the UFC fighter bloodied up Sneako at the UFC PI. Strickland refused the offer citing contractual obligations with the UFC and now has called out Paul for fighting a relatively unknown Ryan Bourland.

“You’re literally paying CANS to fight and lose to you. Is that even legal?” tweeted Strickland as he trolled Paul for fighting a ‘retired fighter’. Moreover, he went on to bash Paul for being a disgrace to the combat sport in general. Strickland had earlier stated that he was unaware of Paul fighting on the weekend until former UFC fighter and current Karate Combat Champion Sam Alvey let him know about it.

Paul has often faced criticism ever since he began fighting veteran MMA fighters inside the boxing ring. At the time, he was criticized for fighting MMA veterans who were past their primes but had little to no expertise in boxing.

On the other hand, Strickland has been under constant criticism for his outspoken views and his notorious sparring sessions with amateurs. Strickland’s recent sparring session with Sneako got the streamer banned from the UFC PI.

Jake Paul brutalizes Sean Strickland after refusing his fight offer

Even before Sean Strickland bashed Jake Paul for fighting Ryan Bourland, Paul had bashed the UFC fighter for allegedly ducking his sparring offer. “Man, the guy (Sean Strickland) seems to be having some sort of quarter-life crisis there, just spazzing out on everyone, trying to beat up some influencers and such,” Jake Paul said of Strickland.

“But it’s a typical story of these UFC guys who call me out and then go quiet.” Paul further added that the story of UFC fighters calling him out and going quiet is a tale as old as time. Many UFC fighters have called out Paul, particularly after he began to bag victories against veteran UFC fighters. Nonetheless, all have cited contractual obligations with the UFC forbidding them from doing so.

Paul also explained the situation that the UFC does not have the authority to prevent their fighters from sparring an influencer, as he cited Strickland’s recent sparring session with Sneako. “I feel bad for him. I see a very insecure, lost wannabe alpha male that’s hiding behind the tough man complex. He needs a hug,” Paul said of what he thinks about Strickland.

“Mr. Shaunie, I’ll put my soft little hands on his little bald head and make him feel the love that his mother or father never gave him,” Paul concluded the call out as he hilariously trolled the former UFC middleweight champion. For context, Strickland was a victim of domestic abuse due to both his parents being drug addicts, particularly his violent father.

Who do you think will win a boxing sparring session between Jake Paul and Sean Strickland? Leave your prediction below!


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