The Undertaker explains origin of his ring name, stemming from unexpected Vince McMahon call

Hailed as one of the greatest of all times, The Undertaker has maintained his mysterious ‘Deadman’ persona in and out of the ring throughout his 30-year-long career. Now that he has retired from the ring, Undertaker, who’s real name is Mark Calaway, has shared a funny story behind the creation of his legendary in-ring name.

The Phenom has haunted the WWE Universe for a long time and was regarded as a force of destruction. He also had an undefeated streak at WrestleMania for 21 years, which eventually ended at the hands of Brock Lesnar. The Undertaker hung up his boots after his final match with AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36, in a memorable Boneyard match.

The Undertaker explains origin of his ring name

Ever since he retired from in-ring competition, The Undertaker has been more and more transparent about his career in professional wrestling. He has gone on record several times to tell the tale of how he got his legendary in-ring name and his Deadman moniker. However, the most recent one was during his own newly launched show.

In the very first episode of his show, titled “Six Feet Under”, The Phenom told a hilarious story regarding the origin of his “Undertaker” name, which he said was the result of a phone call from Vince McMahon. Apparently, the WWE boss had called him to confirm if he was indeed speaking to The Deadman instead of the Egg man. It was also confirmed previously by The Undertaker that Vince had interviewed him for a WWE gig prior to this phone call. The Hall of Famer described the incident as the following:

“I’m at home back in Nashville. The phone rings one day, and I remember, getting the phone and then laying back down on my bed. Hello? Is this the Undertaker? I was like that’s Vince McMahon, or that’s somebody that does a really good Vince McMahon. He is always just so skeptical in his business and cynical. And I’m thinking, you know, obviously everyone’s heard Egg Man story right? You know they were promoting the big thing at thanksgiving, you know, the Big Egg. I was convinced that was gonna be me. So, you know, I’m playing all this out, and Vince is on the line, and I’m just holding the phone, and I’m thinking ‘Undertaker, Undertaker, Undertaker, Undertaker,’ it’s not Egg Man. Not Egg Man! I’m not Egg Man! Yes! This is The Undertaker! ‘God, that’s what I like to hear!’ Vince’s replied.”

AEW star dresses up as Undertaker for Halloween

The Undertaker’s ‘Deadman’ gimmick is known worldwide by every wrestling fan. Throughout his legendary career, The Phenom has frightened a lot of kids with his in-ring persona. On a separate note, Halloween is just around the corner, and a top AEW star has decided to cosplay as The Deadman himself.

AEW star Nyla Rose, who is famous for dressing up as popular characters, tried to dress up as The Undertaker for this year’s Halloween, along with her wife who played the part of Paul Bearer. Her cosplay was really accurate as well, as she was dressed in The Phenom’s 90’s attire and also had her wife carry an urn.

It’s always fun to see stars from various different promotions paying respect to each other on social media. A lot of people look up to The Undertaker and his contributions to WWE both in and outside the ring. We hope to see the WWE legend have more appearances in the Stamford-based promotion in the future.


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