Shannon Sharpe likely to follow footsteps of Rob Gronkowski after Triple H invites NFL star to join WWE events

Rob Gronkowski has made an impression both on and off the football field with his dynamic attitude and three Super Bowl victories. During WrestleMania 2020, he hosted a WWE event and showed off his party animal side. Triple H recently tweeted a possible invitation to a WWE event for Shannon Sharpe, bringing up memories of Gronkowski’s presence.

Following Gronkowski’s lead, if Sharpe agrees to that open invitation, it will highlight the crossover popularity of wrestling and football. On his show, Sharpe also expressed his admiration for wrestling, which led Triple H to invite him.

Triple H invites Shannon Sharpe to WWE events

When it comes to having fun, WWE Creative Head Triple H isn’t your average corporate guy. A recent example of his continued practice of partnering with celebrities is his invitation to retired NFL tight end Shannon Sharpe to participate in future WWE events. Triple H’s strategy of making wrestling more of an entertainment medium is consistent with this shift.

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In an episode of the Nightcap Show, Sharpe spoke about his lifelong love of professional wrestling and recalled his days of watching Georgia Championship Wrestling and its stars like Gordon Solie, Dusty Rhodes, and Harley Race. Triple H was impressed by Sharpe’s passion for wrestling, even though he was a renowned tight end in the National Football League.

A prominent figure in the media, Sharpe is also most known for his three Super Bowl rings and induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. As a token of his appreciation for Sharpe’s devotion to wrestling’s past, Triple H extended an exclusive invitation to any WWE event as a unique present.

This move showcases WWE’s dedication to connecting the realms of sports and entertainment. To invite Sharpe, Triple H tweeted, “Love the respect and passion for the history of our business. @ShannonSharpe and the @NightcapShow crew are welcome to join us at a @WWE event any place, any time.”

Rob Gronkowski appeared on two different WrestleMania events

In 2020, at WrestleMania 36, three-time Super Bowl winner Rob Gronkowski made his WWE debut. With a tweet on March 19, 2020, Gronkowski confirmed that WrestleMania will be on the nights of April 4 and 5, and that he would be the energetic host.

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Gronkowski, ever the showman, bravely hosted WrestleMania in the absence of a live crowd on April 4-5, despite the pandemic. The event took place in the WWE Performance Center and other private, unannounced venues, which added an extra dimension to the show.

Gronkowski gave WWE vitality, but he’s no longer under contract. His run with the business came to an end after his staged WWE 24/7 Title defeat to R-Truth on RAW.

Would you want to see him return to the WWE ring? Feel free to share your opinions down below about Shannon Sharpe’s invitation. 

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