“Tag his a*se to death”: Drew McIntyre states definitive way to bring back “Broken Dreams”

Drew McIntyre’s significant success at Elimination Chamber has set his career to new heights, intensifying the spotlight on his upcoming WrestleMania clash against Seth Rollins. Eager to sustain this momentum, Drew is pushing for the revival of his iconic theme song, “Broken Dreams.”

Recently, Drew acknowledged not being the appropriate person to discuss the matter with and suggested fans inquire about it with Triple H, who currently holds complete creative authority in WWE.

Drew McIntyre encourages fans to tag Triple H

Since his return to WWE, Drew McIntyre has been using the entrance music “Gallantry,” but fans are urging for the return of his old favorite, “Broken Dreams.” McIntyre originally featured “Broken Dreams” during his initial WWE tenure, which began in 2010.

Unfortunately, he was released in 2014, and despite making a comeback in 2017, “Broken Dreams” didn’t resurface until the 2022 Clash at the Castle. However, the classic song only made a brief appearance, leaving fans craving more.

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During his most recent visit to the WWE’s The Bump, Drew McIntyre was questioned about the possibility of bringing back his iconic theme “Broken Dreams.” He said that fans could tag Triple H to make something happen if they wanted a special treat at WrestleMania 40.

The former champion said, “Instead of tagging me start tagging @TripleH constantly, he’s made it very clear on the show that he’s the man in-charge, so tag his arse to death, say we want ‘Broken Dreams’ & I’m sure it’ll happen.”

By leading a fan effort to revive “Broken Dreams” for WrestleMania 40, McIntyre is trying to demonstrate the power of the audience’s involvement. Making his way to WrestleMania in preparation for his World Heavyweight Championship match against Seth Rollins is sure to be an exciting experience for McIntyre.

Drew McIntyre takes shot at Becky Lynch amid Seth Rollins rivalry

WrestleMania 40’s roster is taking shape as WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 comes to a close. Drew McIntyre’s unexpected victory in the last PLE event set up a WrestleMania matchup with Seth Rollins.

However, Rollins’ wife poked fun at McIntyre, saying he’s not cut out for the intensity of her husband’s rivalry with CM Punk, which has been a big plot point since Survivor Series last year. Instead of keeping quiet, Drew decided to respond to Lynch’s claims.

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Becky Lynch recently chimed in, claiming Drew McIntyre is “screwed” against Seth Rollins at WrestleMania due to the intensity of Rollins’ feud with CM Punk. Moreover, Lynch and Rollins were on a show recently and ‘The Man’ dared Rollins to compliment Punk. As a result of these words, McIntyre felt marginalized and decided to reply to Lynch.

‘The Scottish Warrior’ replied in the WWE’s The Bump,saying, “First of all, obviously Becky’s got to say that when she’s on camera. When we saw each other off-camera briefly, she was like, ‘Drew, I gotta say, I’m The Man of the house, and it’s be pretty cool for two Celtics to be successful at WrestleMania, big Celtic invasion at Mania, so do it for the lads.’ But that was off-screen.”

But do you think Drew McIntyre is the right opponent for Seth Rollins in WrestleMania 40? Or do you miss the feud between Rollins and Punk? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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