Texans secure twice-suspended safety Kareem Jackson off Broncos’ waivers: “I’mmm Baaaack”

The NFL’s coffers have been bulging this season, thanks to a record-breaking spree of fines on players. However, Kareem Jackson has stood out, drawing attention for his repeated suspensions, which ultimately culminated in his release from the Denver Broncos, severing ties with the seasoned safety.

With the future of the ex-Broncos player now uncertain, the Houston Texans have emerged as a supportive force, extending their backing to the released athlete in an effort to help him carve out a new path in the league.

Texans claim Kareem Jackson off Broncos’ waivers

Kareem Jackson has found a new home with the Houston Texans after being claimed off waivers. Reports indicate that the Broncos, despite initial plans to re-sign Jackson, ultimately released him, making him available for the Texans to claim.

Jackson’s journey back to the Texans unfolded during a critical juncture in the NFL season. The Texans, striving for a playoff berth, welcomed Jackson for the last two games of the regular season.

The unexpected move came on Christmas Day, following the conclusion of Jackson’s four-game suspension. Interestingly, Jackson’s return to the Texans marks a full-circle moment in his career.

Jackson’s joy knew no bounds after the announcement of his return to Houston. Taking to social media, he expressed his excitement, writing, “H Town…… ‘I’mmm Baaaack.'” 

The cornerback turned safety began his NFL journey with the Texans, being selected as the 20th overall pick in the 2010 draft out of Alabama. After nine seasons as a cornerback with Houston, Jackson embraced a new chapter when he joined the Broncos in free agency in 2019, per US News.

The Broncos’ decision not to activate Jackson for the Christmas Eve game against the New England Patriots raised eyebrows, especially after his eligibility to return following the Week 15 loss in Detroit. Speculation about a potential release swirled amidst Jackson’s recent suspension.

During his tenure with the Broncos, Jackson proved to be a valuable asset on the field, starting 69 games alongside All-Pro Justin Simmons. His impressive stats include 393 combined tackles (268 solo), 22 pass deflections, six interceptions, and four fumble recoveries, highlighting his significant impact on the defensive end.

Why did the Broncos waive Kareem Jackson?

The saga occurred during the Broncos’ nail-biting 21-20 victory over the Minnesota Vikings when Jackson delivered an attention-grabbing tackle on quarterback Joshua Dobbs, escaping a penalty for the audacious play.

Nevertheless, the NFL swiftly intervened, suspending Jackson for four games, citing his “flagrant” illegal acts. This marked the second suspension of the season for the veteran safety, the first being a two-game penalty for an illegal hit on Green Bay Packers tight end Luke Musgrave. 

Jackson’s penchant for illegal hits, particularly targeting opponents’ heads or necks, raised concerns and led to a series of disciplinary actions. The climax of Jackson’s tumultuous season came on Christmas Day, when the Broncos, after his completion of the four-game suspension, faced a crucial decision.

With his roster exemption expiring, the team had to choose between activating him to the 53-man roster or releasing him. Opting for the latter, the Broncos placed Jackson on waivers. The move raised eyebrows, sparking discussions about the team’s decision-making and the future of the embattled safety.

Throughout the season, Jackson’s actions on the field were marred by three flagged illegal hits, two ejections, and fines amounting to $89,670. This season, Jackson has had to lose a staggering $928,002 in salary due to multiple fines and a six-game suspension, though it was later reduced to four games.

His suspension and subsequent release opened the door for fourth-year veteran P.J. Locke to assume the role of Denver’s starting strong safety in Jackson’s absence.

What’s your opinion of the Jackson saga during the whole season?

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