The settlement of Jey Uso’s WWE catchphrase lawsuit revealed with hilarious new YEET merchandise

In 2023, Jey Uso broke away from The Bloodline and engaged in The Bloodline Civil War, defeating Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa alongside his brother. Jey successfully pinned Reigns at the Money in the Bank event but failed to dethrone the champion at SummerSlam 2023, which resulted in him getting traded to Raw.

On this week’s Monday Night Raw, The Main Event Jey promoted his latest merchandise during the show, sporting it during his match on Raw. In a backstage segment, he shared a message with his fans and showcased his newly launched ‘YEET’ t-shirt.

What was the result of the WWE YEET controversy?

Jey Uso has returned to action, and WWE has now secured the rights to use the term ‘YEET’ for merchandise since Jey’s memorable appearance at the Fastlane post-show press conference. The phrase, associated with the Monday Night Raw superstar, has gained popularity among fans, leading to its incorporation into merchandise for Jey’s Main Event persona.

In 2021, WWE temporarily had to refrain from using the term ‘YEET’ due to its trademark by independent wrestler Kasey Huffman from West Virginia. This resulted in WWE blurring the term in video packages featuring Jey. However, the story didn’t end there.

According to recent reports, WWE was not ready to let go of the word “YEET” without a fight. After Jey used the term on Twitter, fans speculated that a deal had been made to reintroduce “YEET” into the WWE vocabulary. It turns out that the speculations were true. At a live event in Utica, New York, Jey was seen wearing a “YEET” t-shirt.

Jey made it clear on social media that “YEET” is back and is here to stay. Despite Jey reclaiming his catchphrase, it wasn’t sufficient to secure a win for him that night. In an exciting match, Drew McIntyre emerged as the winner, aided by a low blow and a decisive pinfall.

WWE unveils Jey Uso’s new blurred YEET merchandise

Jey Uso’s energetic entrance music has fans across the country bouncing their arms and shouting ‘YEET.’ Recently, fans can celebrate this phenomenon with a new WWE merchandise option inspired by the latest news. Jey Uso made a lot of money and sold a great deal of merchandise with the Yeet name. At one point, it was uncertain whether the Yeet name would survive, but it made a triumphant comeback.

On the latest episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, Jey Uso unveiled a new t-shirt with the word “Yeet” blurred out on it. The December 18th show was quite eventful, and the release of this new merchandise suggests WWE is confident that they will not face any more issues with the use of the term “YEET” in the future.

Jey Uso promoted his new WWE merchandise backstage during this show in Des Moines. He expressed his excitement about the merchandise and claimed ownership of the catchphrase “YEET”. He said, “It’s my YEET now!”.

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