The Undertaker reveals his “coolest conversation” with a Seven-Year-Old

The Undertaker was a busy bee throughout WrestleMania weekend, appearing at a slew of WWE events. His schedule was jam-packed with appearances and broadcasts, including the One Deadman Show and WrestleMania XL Sunday. Meanwhile, the Hall of Famer recalled a simple chat moment with a young fan turned into a hilariously crazy mess.

In a recent episode of Six Feet Under, The Undertaker brought joy to listeners with a touching story of a special meeting he had with a seven-year-old fan. It all began when one of his security detail requested a favor on his son Bjorn’s behalf who is a committed supporter of the Deadman.

During their interaction, things took an unexpected turn when Bjorn jokingly threatened to “shoot him in the face” after a playful banter about his name. The Undertaker fondly recalls this as one of the coolest conversations he’s ever had during the podcast.

Recalling that joyful phone call moment, the Hall of Famer said, “We’re going back and forth, and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, he goes, ‘You’re a Democrat.’ [laughs]. Where did that come from? His dad, who is standing right next to me, he has his head in his hands, ‘I’m so sorry.’ Now, I’m trying to keep this conversation for as long as I can. I’m totally engaged, fully engaged. We do finally hang up. This guy is like, ‘I am so sorry. I had no clue. He gets that from his grandfather.’ That was the coolest conversation I’ve had on the phone in a while.”

In addition to the endearing story of the little fan, he also said on the podcast that WrestleMania 40 marked the end of his wrestling career, which disappointed many fans.

The Undertaker bids farewell to wrestling after WrestleMania 40

Fans were sent shivers down their spines by The Deadman’s exhilarating entrance at WWE’s event in Philadelphia earlier this month. He ended his incredible 30-year wrestling career with a dramatic Boneyard Match at WrestleMania in 2020, but he recently said that his cameo at WM 40 gave him the peace he needed.

The Undertaker
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While speaking to the Six Feet Under podcast, the 59-year-old expressed, “I’ve been struggling with it since I retired, but [WrestleMania] weekend gave me closure. It really did….When it was over and I’m running out of the building, I’m like: ‘I’m good now.”

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