Throwback: John Cena once squeezed inside a car with 7’1″ Shaquille O’Neal

The 16-time WWE champion, John Cena, stands apart from the crowd when it comes to wrestling and public perception, as he has never embraced a “heel” persona. His kind personality has won him admirers and friends from various walks of life, including Shaquille O’Neal, an NBA superstar.

Recently, a throwback video has gained popularity, humorously highlighting O’Neal’s larger-than-life presence when Cena and O’Neal tried to get into a tiny automobile, leaving them in a hilariously uncomfortable scenario.

John Cena once got inside a car with Shaquille O’Neal

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal disproves the notion that he is too tall to do anything. Just lately, a video clip brought up a humorous memory from the past involving a car ride he had with actor and WWE superstar John Cena.

The two had been friends for a long time; in fact, Cena was even considering helping Shaq start his side project. Everyone still laughs when they see their adorable, carefree interaction on the tape regarding that small car.

John Cena
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This hilarious incident happened while recording an episode of “Carpool Karaoke: The Series.” As they got closer to a small car with only two seats, O’Neal asked “What is this?” and Cena told him it was their ride for the day.

They tried to get inside the automobile, but it was obviously too cramped for their huge bodies. After realizing they needed a larger automobile, O’Neal said, “We need a bigger car.” He ultimately convinced the Hollywood celebrity to give up and get a car with more space. 

The Cenation Leader and Big Shaq have a friendship that goes beyond tv show appearances. The bond between the two has been a hit with fans of both the NBA and WWE, and Cena wasted no time praising Shaq for his unexpected debut performance in the wrestling ring.

Cena praised Shaq’s AEW debut

John Cena has met famous people like Shaquille O’Neal on his way from WWE to Hollywood. Despite their different careers, they’ve crossed paths, even engaging in funny arm wrestling a few years back. NBA player Shaq made waves in the wrestling world when he entered the ring for his AEW debut in 3rd March 2021. 

During Shaq’s AEW debut, he and Jade Cargill emerged victorious, but Shaq took a tough hit through the table. O’Neal’s friend Cena made sure to support his friend’s wrestling debut, despite his tight shooting schedule with Peacemaker. 

John Cena
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Cena was so impressed that he gushed over the giant man in an interview with NBA on TNT, saying, “I want to say, you are one of that Mount Rushmore of sports entertainers.” The Hollywood star was bringing up their arm-wrestling encounter and complimenting Shaq on his strength.

The Cenation Leader also shared his string prediction by stating, “It’s a shame that you were born so large and so gifted on the basketball court because you could have been something in WWE, I still think you can be.”

Do you believe Shaquille O’Neal will ever sign a WWE contract? Share your opinion in the comment section. 


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