Tiffany Stratton opens up on being separated from her boyfriend on different WWE brands “which freakin’ sucks”

Tiffany Stratton, who just had a memorable match in the Royal Rumble, now faces the challenges of the WWE main roster alone, without Ludwig Kaiser at her side. Tiffany and Ludwig are on different brands, which adds a distinct twist to the nature of their relationship.

This is in contrast to the majority of WWE couples who perform under the same promotion. Tiffany brought attention to their predicament as WWE performers in separate brand zones when she recently made a TikTok video discussing this topic.

Tiffany Stratton on being separated from boyfriend

A new obstacle is presented to Tiffany Stratton, the former NXT champion who is now thriving on SmackDown. She is separated from her boyfriend, Ludwig Kaiser, who continues to appear on RAW.

After Tiffany was promoted to SmackDown, the pair found themselves on separate WWE brands. Ludwig, on the other hand, continues to work for RAW. The couple has been known to the public ever since they were publicly acknowledged in 2022.

Tiffany Stratton
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The hectic lifestyles that WWE stars lead often affect the personal ties they have. There is no exemption made for Tiffany and Ludwig. Because their schedules are so different from one another, they have very little time to spend together.

They are still able to make things function despite this. A key step forward in their quest was recently marked by Tiffany’s announcement on TikTok that they would be relocating from a one-bedroom flat to their ideal residence.

In the video Tiffany said, “As some of you may know, my boyfriend is on Monday Night Raw and I’m on SmackDown, which means we have opposite schedules, which freakin’ sucks. We have the complete opposite of schedules. He comes in Tuesday morning, I leave Thursday afternoon. We only have like two days together really because he’s on the live shows every single weekend. But, it’s okay.”

Tiffany Stratton’s big SmackDown move following impressive Royal Rumble

With Tiffany’s title reign and bouts with major talents like Becky Lynch, she has had an extraordinary climb in NXT. According to rumors, she would be promoted to RAW after her Royal Rumble debut, since WWE has acknowledged her potential.

With so many of the ladies from the red brand currently embroiled in storylines, fans are wondering if Tiffany will have any feuds when she appears on RAW. But in early February, she shocked everyone by joining the SmackDown roster instead of RAW, leading many to wonder whether she would be returning to NXT. 

Tiffany Stratton
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Even though she was the target of criticism at the most recent premium live event, SmackDown boss Triple H lauded Tiffany’s performance. She also showed her intent to be a main roster star by competing in the Women’s Royal Rumble.

Tiffany’s solid performance suggested she was prepared for further main roster tournaments, even if she didn’t take home the trophy. At this point, spectators can’t wait for her major feuds to begin.

What is your expectation from the former NXT champion’s recent SmackDown run? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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