Troy Aikman Tweet from 2019 resurfaces after Patrick Mahomes’ 3rd Super Bowl win

Patrick Mahomes might not think of himself as the next GOAT of the NFL. However, the way he is carrying on his football career, the quarterback is seemingly not far away from snatching away the title from Tom Brady.

Popular rapper Drake never won a bet on sports teams, but he did when he bet on Mahomes. The Chiefs toiled hard in the draft process to select Pat, and he turned the favor by becoming a lucky charm for the Chiefs. The QB secured the third Lombardi trophy for the team today, but once legendary quarterback Troy Aikman doubted his potential in the NFL.

Troy Aikman’s 2019 post resurfaces

The resurgence of Troy Aikman’s 2019 post following the Chiefs’ victory in Super Bowl LVIII has sparked a renewed discussion about the legacy of both Aikman and Patrick Mahomes. The Pro Football Hall of Famer found himself at the center of attention once again as fans revisited his comments from years prior.

The resurgence stemmed from a tweet by The Athletic Kansas City, highlighting Mahomes’ impressive statistical feats compared to Aikman’s career milestones. The tweet noted that Pat had thrown 36% of Aikman’s career touchdowns in just 8% of the games.

Aikman responded to the post by highlighting the significance of Super Bowl titles, a metric he deemed paramount in measuring greatness in the sport.

“Talk to me when he has 33% of my Super Bowl titles,” he retweeted via The Spun.

Interestingly, Patrick Mahomes ended up winning his first Super Bowl title later that season. It was his first Super Bowl title, and he earned MVP honors as well at just 24 years old. The QB not only fulfilled Aikman’s challenge but also carved his name in NFL history as the youngest QB to win the Lombardi Trophy and MVP in the same season.

Now, the Chiefs QB has three championship rings to his name. He now stands shoulder to shoulder with Aikman, bridging the gap between past and present eras of football excellence.

Patrick Mahomes reacts to back-to-back SB wins

Patrick Mahomes once again showcased his prowess on the biggest stage in American sports, leading his team to back-to-back Super Bowl victories. He exhibited nerves of steel by sealing a match-winning drive culminating in a touchdown pass to Mecole Hardman Jr. on their way to a 25-22 win.

The signal-caller expressed immense pride in his team’s unwavering spirit and perseverance throughout the season during the postgame news conference.

“I’m so proud of the team, so proud of the guys, [because] we battled until the very end. We battled through the adversity this year. Guys staying with the process, keeping believing. You never know how its going to happen. And then to play three great teams to get to this game, and then play another great team, and win all those games, it was a true road to the playoffs. And we were able to come through and be Super Bowl champs.”

The Chiefs’ journey to Super Bowl glory was no easy feat. They faced formidable opponents and overcame significant challenges along the way. But the QB said they would not just stop there.

“But we’re not done. I know we’re going to celebrate tonight, but we’re not done. We’ve got a young team, we’ll keep this thing going.”

Patrick Mahomes racked up 333 passing yards, two touchdowns, and 66 rushing yards. His exceptional performance earned him the MVP Award for the third time in his career. The QB joined elite company as the fourth QB1 to win three career Super Bowls. He also became the first back-to-back Super Bowl MVP since Terry Bradshaw.


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