WATCH: AEW star Saraya FKA Paige flattens Pheonix Suns mascot in courtside encounter

Saraya, the former WWE Women’s Champion, was in Phoenix to promote the upcoming episode of AEW Dynamite, which will take place at the Footprint Center on Wednesday night. Saraya was accompanied by former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts, who was also a part of WWE until 2015. Both made their appearances at the Phoenix Suns vs. Milwaukee Bucks game on Tuesday night.

The former Divas Champion made the crowd erupt when she performed the suplex move to Go the Gorilla, who is one of the most popular and iconic mascots in the NBA.

Saraya delivers picture-perfect suplex to Suns mascot

Saraya is no stranger to making headlines with her antics, both inside and outside the ring. She is one of the most controversial and charismatic wrestlers in the industry and has a loyal fan base that follows her every move.

During the timeout between the games, Saraya and Justin Roberts were invited to the court. The Gorilla tried to hug Saraya, but she was not in the mood for any friendly gestures. She surprisingly kicked him in the stomach and then executed a perfect snap suplex, sending him crashing onto a padded mat.

The crowd erupted in cheers and boos as Saraya celebrated her victory and Roberts announced her name. The Gorilla was helped up by his fellow mascots, who looked stunned by the attack. The whole incident was captured on video and shared on social media by AEW and various sports outlets.

Saraya wants more hardware in AEW

AEW has nine championships, with five for singles wrestlers, two for tag teams, and two for women. The AEW Continental Championship, a part of the Triple Crown Championship, along with the ROH World Championship and NJPW Strong Openweight Championship, was introduced in December 2023.

Last week, Tony Khan was also rumored to announce a new championship and recently, speaking with KTAR News, Saraya opened her interest in new AEW titles. She said, “AEW is doing really well putting multiple female matches on the shows. We can keep doing that. We can start building the division even bigger. Introduce female tag team championships. Right now, we have two championships. We can do tag teams. There are tag teams there. We can build the division as something huge and something just as big as the guys.”

via AEW

She also disclosed, “I’m not saying we should be overloaded with championships, it’d be too much at that point, but adding a tag championship could spice things up in the division and gives a lot of the women something to chase other than the two championships”.

The addition of a Women’s Tag Team Championship would be a logical and exciting next step for the promotion and would also benefit the entire women’s division, to elevate to a higher level. What is your personal opinion on this? Tell us in the comments.


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