WATCH: Cody Rhodes says “YES” to fan’s wedding-related proposal

Cody Rhodes was in the news last time when he helped an after-school program called The Wrestling Club, which raised funds for children to attend future WWE events like WrestleMania 40, and ‘The American Nightmare’ then agreed to help the club with the tickets and hotels.

Recently, at a live event in Spokane, Washington, the wrestler who had a match during the show noticed a fan with a sign asking him to attend a wedding after his match. While giving his speech, he addressed the sign and enthusiastically agreed to be at the function.

Cody Rhodes accepts fan proposal

Cody Rhodes has been a fan favorite since his return to WWE. Loved by the New York Yankees, the 38-year-old wrestler has been winning hearts from the beginning and recently he accepted a fan’s proposal at a WWE live show in Washington. The event featured a match between Shinsuke Nakamura and ‘The American Nightmare’ in a Street Fight match, where the two-time WWE Intercontinental Champion defeated the master of ‘The Landslide’.

After the match, Rhodes went on to interact with the fans, and while doing that he noticed a fan with a sign inviting him to his wedding and asking Cody to be the Best Man. Although surprised at first, the master of ‘Cross Rhodes’, asked the fans at the audience for their opinion and when he was satisfied he said he would gladly be the Best Man at the wedding. “I will indeed be your best man,” he said.

Cody’s kindness created a special and rare moment in the arena that was heartwarming for the fans. The genuine connection he is building will undoubtedly slowly elevate him to greater success, particularly with the younger fans who are going to witness his prime time. Fans always try to hold the best signs to get their favorite icon’s attention, and this time Cody made his fan’s day by accepting.

Cody Rhodes responds to Paul Heyman

Roman Reigns, the current Undisputed Universal Champion, has a number of people coming for his crown and recently his Wiseman Paul Heyman took a jab at ‘The American Nightmare’, by referring to his loss to Reigns in WrestleMania 39.

Heyman said that even though he lost the match against ‘The Tribal Cheif’, Cody still thinks that he will get to finish his story. Rhodes then took to Twitter and shared his own opinion on Paul Heyman’s promo. He posted his iconic “I’m LIstening” GIF.

Former WWE manager, Dutch Mantell not long ago mentioned in Smack Talk, that the upcoming events of the company are going to be unpredictable. He mentions how Cody vs Roman is ideal but after The Rock challenged Reigns for the ‘Head of the Table’ position, things are chaotic and uncertain right now.

“Don’t confuse it anymore. That’s what it doesn’t mean: more confusion. This is what makes wrestling what it is. You know, we used to say things like, ‘Oh, that was so predictable. We all knew that.’ But now, we don’t know. We’re all guessing. We’re all throwing darts out there, it could be this, it could be that. The fans are more confused than we are. No, I don’t think anybody’s more confused than I am,” said Mantell.

Fans are already hyped for the Royal Rumble event on January 27, and some have picked their favorite to win the upcoming match. While Cody Rhodes is among the champions that fans want, others would like CM Punk to win the event. Although it’s all disorganized, fans still want their pick to win the road to WrestleMania chance.

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