WATCH: WWE reveals set for the WrestleMania 40

Every day that passes brings us one step closer to WrestleMania 40. From the inclusion of unexpected matches to the announcement of iconic figures and celebrity visits, fans have been treated with a lineage of jolts. Just when it seemed like all the surprises had been unveiled, WWE saved the biggest reveal for the final countdown to the Show of Shows.

With just two days left until WrestleMania XL takes center stage at the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, WWE has officially showcased the grandeur of the WrestleMania 40 set. The unveiling of the WrestleMania set has sent waves of excitement through the fan community

WWE reveals set for WrestleMania 40

We’re waiting breathlessly for what could be the biggest event in WWE history, WrestleMania 40, which is just around the corner. With every title on the line, this weekend is sure to be spectacular for the wrestling fans who will never forget it. With its majestic entrances, enormous crowds, and breathtaking stage, WrestleMania never fails to captivate fans.

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In a jaw-dropping announcement today, WWE enlisted the talents of YouTube stunt performers the Ninja Kidz to unveil the WrestleMania 40 grand stage, pushing the excitement to new heights. During the unveiling, hosts Kayla Braxton and Jackie Redmond showed us a stunning set in vivid green tones, with a tall X and L indicating the way to the ring.

Jackie Redmond was speechless as she described the scene, calling it “large” and “bright” and even going so far as to say it was “beautiful” before the video ended. Spectators can’t wait to see the majestic, impending performance because of this breathtaking sight. 

With the buildup to WrestleMania rapidly approaching, fans and celebrities in the wrestling industry have been using social media to compare and contrast the current stage with previous WrestleMania configurations.

Fans react to WrestleMania 40 set

Fans are becoming more and more excited about the stage arrangement for WrestleMania 40 as the big event approaches. The crowd is going wild with opinions, and many of them aren’t happy with the changes from last year’s WrestleMania stage because of the shorter ramp.

A fan named Collin couldn’t hold back his tears, wondering aloud, “Why is the ramp so small?” It’s clear he was expecting something bigger ramp. Meanwhile, ROB found beauty in the new stage, acknowledging the constraints of the venue and appreciating the effort, saying, “This stadium is not that large so they couldn’t do anything compared to last years set. They may have had to accommodate the set. But I like it.”

Amidst these diverse reactions, a fan finally grasped why opinions are split about the new stage. He reflected, “Not bad but I get why people might dislike it because of how good last year’s stage was.” However, one fan expressed extreme dissatisfaction with the design, suggesting punishment for the designer, stating, “Whoever designed this needs to be sent to AEW as punishment.” However, the ultimate response of live audiences to this new stage will be fascinating to see during the main live event.

With a roster of superstars prepared for the two-day spectacle, WWE is putting forth its best effort to make WrestleMania 40 the biggest event ever. Are you excited? Share your thoughts about the new stage in the comment section. 

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