Weeks after calling AEW a “secondary promotion”, Triple H loses BOD seat while TKO SEC filing lists AEW as competition

It was not that long ago when Triple H called AEW a secondary promotion. Surprisingly, due to WWE’s merger with the UFC, Triple H is no longer on the Board of Directors of WWE, and the most ironic part is that the new parent company considers AEW a worthy rival promotion.

Triple H’s former role as Chief Content Officer has been instrumental in the triumph of WWE. However, as things are going now, fans are hoping for good things from WWE.

TKO SEC filing lists AEW as a competition

After a successful merger, WWE and UFC are under the same banner, which is named TKO Holdings Group, and is now considered the parent company of both companies. TKO recently released an SEC filing that has caught the interest of pro wrestling fans.

In the SEC, the new company mentioned MMA companies such as Bellator, PFL, ONE Championship, and Rizin Fighting Federation as key competition for the UFC. On the other hand, the filing noted that promotions such as AEW, IMPACT, Ring Of Honor, and New Japan are competitors of WWE in the market. This is the first time WWE has officially recognized AEW in such a document.

The “risk factors” section of the SEC filing also stated the following: “Any increased competition, which may not be foreseeable, or our failure to adequately address any competitive factors, could result in reduced demand for our content, live events, or brand, which could harm our business, financial condition, and results of operations”.

At present, WWE is the king of all promotions in the pro wrestling industry, but TKO Holdings Group is acknowledging that there’s competition to take the throne of WWE.

HHH called AEW a “secondary promotion” weeks prior

On July 31, Peacock released “The American Nightmare” documentary highlighting the career of Cody Rhodes and his run after leaving the WWE years ago and also talking about his AEW career. While the documentary has received praise for its beautiful narration, it was making headlines for the wrong reason.

Triple H had taken a dig at AEW by calling the promotion secondary without even mentioning the name of the promotion while describing Cody Rhodes’s dream of becoming the WWE Champion. This even hurt the sentiments of AEW fans and the CEO of the promotion, Tony Khan. But ironically, Triple H is now also not fully part of WWE in the new merger formed as TKO. The Game has been removed from the Board of directors.

Do you think TKO will be able to start a new revolution in the pro wrestling industry? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comment section below!

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