What did The Rock whisper to Cody Rhodes on WWE Smackdown return?

In 2024, Cody Rhodes won the Royal Rumble match, which made it seem like he would have a rematch against Roman Reigns, whom he faced in the previous year’s main event, at WrestleMania in Philadelphia. However, on February 2, that certainty vanished when The American Nightmare stepped aside to allow The Rock to face off against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania.

During a recent interview, The Rock revealed what he whispered to Cody Rhodes when Rhodes stepped aside to allow him to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40.

What did The Rock say to Cody Rhodes on Smackdown?

On the February 2, 2024, episode of SmackDown, Cody Rhodes surprised everyone when he decided not to challenge Roman Reigns at WrestleMania XL, despite wanting to finish his ongoing storyline with him. Instead, he introduced The Rock as his replacement and gave him the spot to face The Tribal Chief at WrestleMania 40.

Rhodes and The Rock had a touching moment in the ring, where they hugged each other. During this heartfelt embrace, The Great One whispered something into Cody’s ear, which appeared to overwhelm him as he quietly left the ring. Since then, many fans have been curious about what the WWE legend said to him. Recently, The Rock shared a video on Instagram in which he revealed exactly what he whispered into Cody Rhodes’ ear.

“Let’s put on the biggest WrestleMania of all time. Let’s do it for the American Dream. Let’s do it for the Soul Man,” said The Rock.

The famous Hollywood personality also revealed that he and Cody reached a mutual agreement to relinquish his WrestleMania 40 spot, making way for the much-awaited Roman Reigns vs. The Rock match. However, things took an interesting turn later when The American Nightmare decided to challenge The Tribal Chief at The Showcase of the Immortals.

The Rock wants to team up with Roman Reigns to face Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins

After an exciting Elimination Chamber 2024 Pay-Per-View, this week’s episode of Smackdown turned out to be one of the most star-studded and stacked-up episodes that the WWE Universe has seen in ages. Roman Reigns made an appearance at the show, and his cousin, The Rock, also made a return to the blue brand to intensify his rivalry with Cody Rhodes.

Earlier today, The Rock posted a video message on his social media accounts where he made fun of Cody Rhodes and his request for a one-on-one match with him. He also took a swipe at Rhodes’ new ally, Seth Rollins, by referring to him as a “walking clown,” which caused the latter to react hilariously.

On this week’s episode of Smackdown, Roman Reigns started the show and was greeted with chants for Cody Rhodes. However, everything changed when The Great One made his entrance. The Great One spoke about Rhodes’ challenge for a singles match, which he declined.

During the lead-up to WrestleMania, The Rock challenged Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins to a tag team match against himself and Reigns on the first night of the event. The twist was that if Rollins and Rhodes won the match, the main event on the second night would not include The Bloodline members.

If The Rock and Reigns won, the undisputed WWE Championship match on Night Two would become a Bloodline Rules match. The Rock gave Rhodes and Rollins a week to consider the challenge. If they refused, The Rock would try his best to make sure the American Nightmare lost his WWE Championship match.

Roman Reigns then unexpectedly interrupted The Rock and asked for his acknowledgement, leaving millions shocked. The Brahma Bull then acknowledged Reigns as his ‘Tribal Chief’, citing their familial bond and creating a buzz around the world.

What are your thoughts on the tag team match between The Rock and Roman Reigns against Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 40? Share in the comments below!

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