What’s next for Mercedes Mone? Exploring Sasha Banks’ current status

As a free agent in the professional wrestling industry, Mercedes Moné is creating waves in her wrestling future. Rumors about her potential partnership with AEW have circulated since her exit from WWE in May 2022.

Despite missing competition due to an ankle injury, she was in the audience for AEW All In and resumed training in November. Contrary to previous speculation, recent sources indicate that she is not currently signing with NJPW.

What’s next for Mercedes Mone?

Since AEW is a partner of NJPW, rumors started circulating after Mercedes Mone’s debut for NJPW at Wrestle Kingdom 17 that she might transfer to AEW. Despite meetings with Willow Nightingale of AEW and her presence at All In, Tony Khan’s promotion has not secured her.

Mercedes Mone’s Japanese wrestling career seems far from over, as rumors suggest she renewed her contract with Bushiroad, the parent company of her new organization and NJPW, just before her appearance at STARDOM’s All-Star Grand Queendom event.

Reports indicate that as of early December, Mone’s earlier intentions to collaborate with AEW upon her return, provisionally mentioned during her appearance at AEW All In, seem to have fallen through. While the parties haven’t addressed their differences, it’s essential to note that they may potentially work together again in the future.

AEW allegedly dismissed speculation about Mone making her debut at AEW Grand Slam, choosing instead to wait for her to fully recover from her injuries. According to Fightful Select, “WWE is planning to renew talks with multiple free agents in 2024, though it is unclear if Moné is among them.”

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What is Mercedes Mone current status?

The current situation around possible wrestling promotions involving Sasha Banks has been clarified in new updates from Fightful Select. The fact that she is still considering her alternatives and has not decided on a promotion to sign with yet.

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After the rumors of her joining AEW were dismissed, AEW supporters were worried that it meant the end of any future cooperation or discussions between Mercedes Monè and AEW. However, this is not necessarily the case. The door to their conversations has not been completely shut by.

According to Fightful’s sources, rumors that WWE was plotting a creative partnership with Mercedes are “totally false.” By highlighting how unprepared Creative was for CM Punk’s return, the article questions the idea of early preparation for such comebacks.

Although WWE has shown interest in re-engaging Mone, there may be obstacles in AEW negotiations that might delay her return to Stamford. Her ultimate fate is up in the air as things stand.

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