Who is CM Punk’s potential opponents during his tenure at WWE?

CM Punk made an impressive return to WWE at Survivor Series, generating a great deal of excitement. Following a promo on “WWE Raw,” rumors of potential feuds between Punk, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns began circulating, and fans are waiting to see whether Punk can replicate the intensity he showed in AEW.

Even though WWE has ambitious plans for CM Punk, it is unclear when or against whom he will initially fight. Following the intense reaction to Punk’s recent feud with The Visionary, there has been speculation about a potential storyline involving Roman Reigns.

Who is CM Punk going to fight during his tenure at WWE?

CM Punk, a former five-time world champion, made a triumphant return to WWE at the conclusion of the Survivor Series event after a nine-year hiatus. Punk left the organization in 2014 due to creative frustrations and dissatisfaction with his healthcare. Yet, after such an extended absence, he now has the potential to face an infinite number of adversaries.

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No specifics have been announced yet, but recent sources indicate that Punk may have a conduct clause in his new agreement. Photos of Punk have circulated, and reports of a possible conflict between Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns have been circulating as well from Sports Illustrated.

Reports indicate that Punk has already been communicating with WWE over his comeback, which is in line with their expectations, and there has been talk of a possible rivalry between Punk and Reigns, with Rollins being the first to be mentioned.

There are mixed feelings among AEW and WWE insiders about Punk’s chances of success as he adjusts to life in the locker room. While some look forward to Punk acting appropriately, others point out the difficulties he has had in the past with his previous campaigns. However, unlike AEW, WWE employees seem to be more united in the locker room despite these unknowns.

Jon Moxley speaks on CM Punk’s WWE comeback

Seth Rollins’ response to CM Punk’s return might be heated, and Roman Reigns isn’t a fan of Punk either. When questioned about Punk’s “I’m home” promo on Raw, even Jon Moxley—formerly known as Dean Ambrose—broke his silence upon Punk’s homecoming, expressing a variation of “no comment.”

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Having collaborated in AEW and WWE, Moxley and Punk are no strangers to one another. They wanted to win the world title in All Elite Wrestling even though they loved WWE and hated one other. Tony Khan was not allowed to say anything about Punk by law, but Moxley gave a direct answer that made it sound like people might not want to know what he thought about Punk’s spot on Raw.

Moxley said, “You don’t want to know what I think. I didn’t see it. You do not want to know what I think (laughs).”

Out of The Visionary and Tribal Chief, who do you think CM Punk will confront first? Feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section.

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