Who is Matt Riddle’s wife Misha Montana? Meet the WWE star’s pregnant spouse who shared critical health update

After losing to Gunther at Money In The Bank for the Intercontinental Championship, it was revealed that Matt Riddle would become a dad with his girlfriend Misha Montana. Montana is an adult film superstar and the two have been dating for a long time.

The way of their announcement was unique, as Montana carried a sign in the crowd in one of the WWE shows. The sign read, “Bro, I’m pregnant.” The post shared by Montana also features the reactions of Matt Riddle after seeing the sign. Recently, Misha gave a huge update on her pregnancy through a tweet.

Matt Riddle’s wife shares critical health update

WWE star Matt Riddle and his better half Misha Montana are expecting a baby, but things have not been smooth for her. She recently updated fans on Twitter or X to let them know about a rough road that she just went through.

Matt Riddle

Misha Montana has been forced to deal with a few unfortunate things since announcing her pregnancy with Matt Riddle’s baby.  Unfortunately, she had medical issues to endure as well. Matt Riddle’s wife tweeted on Twitter or X to reveal that she recently went through some serious medical issues. Thankfully, their baby is fine, but it has been a very difficult pregnancy for Misha.

Here’s what she posted on her Twitter:


Thankfully, Misha Montana seems to be doing good, and their baby is healthy as well.  While Matt Riddle is still very busy with WWE as a featured performer for the RAW brand. He might be on the road with WWE all the time, but he has a very good partner waiting for him at home.

Riddle divorced ex-wife Lisa in 2022

Matt Riddle often makes it to the headlines due to his different activities both inside and outside the ring, especially in his relationships. During his 15-year-long professional wrestling career, there have been multiple women whose names got linked with him. However, it was Lisa with whom Matt Riddle shared a bond of family.

Lisa or better known as Lisa Rennie Riddle was Matt Riddle’s wife. Being fitness freaks the duo got acquainted with each other and soon started seeing each other. Things went well for almost a year and the couple decided to make it permanent. Matt Riddle and Lisa shared 11 years of togetherness before being divorced. Riddle and Lisa were on an 11-year milestone for being with each other.

This led the fans to believe that the couple must be in harmony. But things took an ugly turn when Lisa alleged Riddle of moving away from his family in October 2021. It was 6 months later when the couple completed the paperwork and officially got divorced.

Do you think Matt Riddle will not repeat the same mistake with Misha? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comment section.

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